Songs by People – Mixtape 101

I’m trying the mixtape thing again. I did it once before and it sort of flopped. I ended up deciding it was too much work-at least, too much work to do on a schedule. But, time has passed and things have (somewhat)changed. I have a friend or two who really love mixtapes and dumping them […]

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Much Better!

Guys, I feel SO MUCH better. It’s amazing what a redesign can do. I grabbed a new theme, made a new graphic, and changed the color scheme up a bit, and suddenly everything feels nice and shiny and new again. I still have some work to do – mostly in the links section – I […]

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So, I’ve been on an unannounced hiatus. I still am(well, I guess it’s announced, now, but, you know…). I just don’t know if I want to blog anymore (which more or less means that I don’t want to blog anymore, but I’m trying to brainwash myself into changing my mind). I’m still up to all […]

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New Toy: Cordoba 22S

I’ve been keeping relatively busy in ukulele land. Mostly this means I’ve been parting with ukes I no longer play and deciding whether each of the items I’ve parted with is something to just let go, or replace.  I sold on my Snail uke because it was just sonically too similar to my Ibanez, so […]

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Joyo Ukulele Pickup

Today’s DIY music project was to add a pickup to my Kmise Ukulele. I have an Ibanez I favor for most things, but the Kmise I’ve set up as my go-to Low G uke. I have a Rubin set up at Low G as well, but I just like the overall tone of the Kmise […]

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