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Photos: Davidson Mill Pond Park

I’m catching up! At least on photo posts. This set is from last Friday. 

Photos: somewhere in Hazlet

This one is just from walking around the neighborhood. The creek 2 blocks from my house.

Photos: Holmdel Park

Another batch from Holmdel – this time at the Hilltop.

Photos: Deep Cut Gardens

I broke my 3-4 photo rule for this post. When the botanical garden is in bloom, it’s impossible to pick favorites.

This is still only the tiniest sampling of the photos I took on this walk, all the same.

Also, major pet peeve: if you can’t hold onto a damn plastic bottle until you can get to a trash can, don’t bring it into the park. Cleaning up your litter is not other people’s responsibility. Stop throwing Gatorade bottles in the grass. Shitheads.

Photos: Plainsboro Preserve

I might revisit this walk after I’ve taken the photos off of my camera as I expect I might have better deer pics on the camera than the phone.

Photos: Holmdel Park

This one is the last from May, I think. Moving forward I should at least be in the right month.

Photos: somewhere in Hazlet

Taken while walking to the convenience store.

Photos: Holmdel Park

Holmdel Park, on an overcast day some time early this month.

Photos: Holmdel Park

I owe you posts on so many subjects. I have no excuse. I need to post about SPWF and a handful of new songs I’m working on, and…I don’t know. Things. But what have I been doing all month? Mostly binge-playing Assassin’s Creed, honestly, and watching Shadow Hunters. Neither of these things are particularly productive uses of my time, but facts are facts.

So, rather than doing things in order, I’ve decided to just do them in order of expedience. That is to say, if I use the photos on my phone instead of my camera -photo posts are fastest, so you get those first and I’ll work my way backward to the more involved posts.

So, here’s some Holmdel Park, from…uh…it was either the end of May or very beginning of June.

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