You Have to Speak Out

My recording device (see: cell phone – my laptop is even worse) is a bit sub-par. It will be replaced in the relatively near future, but until then, please be patient with the small skips that happen on the audio.  I will re-record when I have something a little better.


You Have To Speak Out

You have to speak out.
Even when nobody is listening,
somebody hears you.

The world is that small.

Even if we’re miles apart,
we’re still touching and being touched,
Like the bending boughs of trees –
gracefully, like whispers.

Quietly screaming –
Crying, but politely,
with ‘excuse mes’ and ‘thank yous’.

Our roots dig deep, resisting change.
Ents*, all of us,
Saying ‘Change takes time.
Move cautiously and slowly.
You mustn’t step on any toes.’

Step on toes!
If you don’t, you’ll never learn to dance.
I still don’t know how, but I’m learning.

You have to speak out
or your roots will be all that remains
when they cut you down.


*Yes, that is totally a Lord of the Rings reference. Shush. Lord of the Rings is brilliant.

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