Dig It!

Dig It!

Poetry is a blade.
We write about love and hate,
But mostly it’s fear that bleeds onto the page.

Dig in Deep.
If it doesn’t strike a vein, it doesn’t count.
Talk about your first love, and
how you were stood up at the ice cream parlor.
Write about the rain pattering against broken windows
as your parents screamed on the top of their lungs.
Tell stories that are half-truths about things you lost,
then found, only to lose again.

Dig it Deeper.
If it doesn’t leave a scar, it doesn’t count.
Tell stories about the mother who never loved you,
the bottle you used to compensate for the lack.
Write about the disease that made you sick
and the cure that almost killed you.
Talk about Cancer –
how it knocked over everyone you’ve loved like dominos,
one by one in quick succession,
and you’re waiting at the end of the line for your turn to fall.

Is that Deep enough Yet?
If it doesn’t cripple you, it doesn’t count.
Talk about the empty spaces, the unsung songs, the graves –
both the ones who’ve claimed their victims,
and the ones still lying in wait.

Write about Death.
People dig that.

Poetry is a blade.
Cut out your heart,
put it in a glass case,
and point.
Say: That! THAT is what I’m offering.
Don’t just walk by like it’s nothing.
It’s valuable.

6 thoughts on “Dig It!

  1. :O so goood. i admire people who could write long poems (for me this is long -_-) i do appreciate the thoughts and time spent for you to produce this work. a lot of time when i read a poem i would end up pondering “why the fuck do i haven’t write about this”. this is a one of those, your thoughts and craft impress me.
    anyway for reddit, i suggest that instead of providing a link, it is better for you to write the poem, and the provide the link to your blog, because for me most readers on r/oc_poetry are too lazy to click on a link, they despise it hahaha. I’m glad i did click the link though, but if you want more readers to actually read, better just type down your poem. read a bit on formatting if that is a problem.
    anyway i would love to read more, care to link me to other works that you think would quench my thirstttttt (too lazy to browse) hehe
    Good job 😀


    1. I wasn’t sure which would be best for reddit, honestly. Since I think my poetry is predominantly spoken word, I feel like it loses something significant without the audio. (Even if my current device produces crap quality audio). I’ll try it as you suggest next time.

      If you hate browsing, you can always just flip through the soundcloud audio files. :). I’m mobile ATM, so can’t provide links right now.

      I actually have a problem with shorter poems. I’m always trying to chop away excess, like, ‘this is too long! How am I going to read this with this pacing without losing my breath?’ But, too short, and I loose half the point and murder the rhythm. I think the best length for me is a reading that takes 1.5 to 3 minutes. Around 2 minutes is best. Much longer and people start to lose interest.


      1. Oh can i ask you a few question on spoken words. I hate it that most of the time when i finished my works, it doesn’t sound as impressive as it looks on paper/screen. I wonder if there’s any specific details that would make a poem more suitable for spoken words, or is it just that i’m not confident enough on my works? Hope you get what i am saying. How do you view this issue on few aspects;
        1) the organisation of the idea
        2) the structure of the poem
        3) audio poetic devices (alliteration, assonance, repetition etc)
        4) length of sentences
        5) length of the poem
        take your time to reply, and thank you in advance!


      2. I can’t really speak for others, but I started as a free verse poet, and came to realize what was missing was sound. It’s hard to convey tone in print, so jokes would get missed, flow would appear disrupted on a page. On paper, my poems feel lonely and a little sad. Rhyme isn’t necessary, but a good flow is, which sometimes requires rhyme. I think of it like the rolling of waves, like following a wave as it forms out at sea and following it until it crashes on the shore, then recedes back to sea. It’s more like a pulse than anything. Sometimes you have to move things around to make it feel more organic and flow naturally.

        I think it’s important to remember that poetry at it’s root is an oral tradition. We’ve lost sight of that and it’s become this foreign creature that only poets and professors can understand. It’s not accessible to the masses, and spoken word I think starts to bridge that gap and tries to breathe new life into it, a sort of revival. It’s important to remember spoken word is a performance. You’re putting on a show. I have one called ‘kill the podium’ that touches on this that I’ll probably post soonish.

        I find with poetry, like with music, if you don’t grab my attention in the first ten seconds, you’re not going to. When you’re reading aloud, the theater of it is just as important as the words. Poetry as a performance art is something we’ve lost touch with. If you want to really get a feel for it, you should absolutely look up some slam poets on the spoken word and slam reddits, or on YouTube. Also there have been some great TED talks by spoken word poets. Shane Koyczan’s TED talk is a must see. It’s utterly brilliant.

        I’m sorry if that’s a bit vague. It’s not one specific thing. It’s more like creating a poem that is easy to breathe and scream to, learning to read with your ears.


  2. wow
    i just watche Koyczan and it leaves me speechless. so fucking good. now i realise how small i am in the poetry world haha. i would try to find the text if i can. i do agree with you, he possibly craft his words verbally instead of writing it down like me. so there begin my journey on finding out more. thank you for the time you spend and the thoughts you shared. thank you again kind stranger! 😀


    1. Yeah, he completely blows my mind. :).

      But conceptually when I write, there aren’t just words in my head. There’s tone of voice, even hand gestures and facial expressions. They all come together at the same time. I imagine writing music must be something like that, but with instruments.

      Spoken word is something that you get a feel for from hearing it and watching it. I only realized recently that’s what I was writing. I watched Koyczan and it just clicked ‘he performs poetry the way I write it!’ Such an a-ha moment. Lol. Good luck with the journey!


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