Fires That Have Already Started

Due to a grammar fail that was brought to my attention, re-recording of this one is in process.  Why can I never get the ‘which vs that’ thing stuck properly in my head?

Fires That Have Already Started

I am a firm believer,
In spite of all naysayers.

I believe firmly that mountains are still majestic when nobody is looking,
that if a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it, it still falls,
and that stars don’t ask permission to shine.

I would be proud to have that kind of dignity.

I believe firmly in sideways smiles,
because sometimes the world is too heavy
to keep them upright.
And, we’re all a little crooked anyway.

I believe firmly that calling yourself the Right implies that everyone else is wrong.
I’m not angry, precisely.
It’s just that I can’t even go to the zoo anymore
without thinking about my battered country and looking for someone to blame.

Even sports are just more of the same.
I’m tired of looking for new reasons to rage.

Instead, I worship an empty page:
open to anything.
The letters that fall across it.
The voice that whispers to it.
Comma, no. Space, no. Delete. Delete. Delete.

I believe firmly that not everything has meaning
but the things that do, mean everything.

Like my father’s God,
and my mother’s whispers trying to forestall
fires that have already started.

In the pews of my memory
there have been many preachers selling ascension
but my private truths transcend them:
I am not for sale.

My Church is a pregnant pause,
and my God? A semi-colon:
connecting things which, initially, seem unrelated.

There is no semi-colon in this poem,
but there should be.

I believe firmly that sentences are still sentences
even when syntax has been abandoned for effect

There are days I’m inspired to write sentences that go on for miles with no commas and no pauses no clauses no room to exhale and no Professor telling me that I can’t because it’s against the rules written in a book about rules

There will always be rules.
But, I am a firm believer.

I believe firmly
that as long as there are words
we have words enough
to find some common ground.

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