New Guitar, and first day I feel like I did something right.

My lefty arrived!  😀



The Castlerock Sv40L is a matte black Fender knockoff.  Size and dimensions are basically identical to the Squier Bullet I have.  I got this off of an ebay liquidation due to the fact Castlerock has gone out of business.  From what little I can gather, Castlerock specialized in student-level guitars, which suits me just fine. I AM a student, after all.

Most of the knockoff fenders I’ve shopped have been priced between $140 and $170+ shipping, so when I saw this one for $85 with free shipping, I knew I had to snatch it up while I could.


Here is where it’s different from my Squier Bullet – I have no idea how I’m supposed to change the strings when the time comes.  Unscrew the plate?  I’m going to have to see if I can find a tutorial on this, but since the guitar is brand new, I shouldn’t have to worry about that right away.

It’s a stupid, insignificant thing, but I love that this guitar is a flat black.  My squier is a high gloss, and it just attracts all kinds of crap and seems impossible to keep clean.  It’s a fingerprint magnet.  I love the less shiny look of this guitar.  It’s basic, classic, clean and simple.

SO! With lefty in hand, I tuned it up, and got to practicing!

Up to now I felt like I was definitely doing this wrong.  I’ve been at it for about two weeks, and haven’t felt the pain that I’ve read I should expect as a beginner guitarist.  I suspected this might be because I was possibly using more of the pad of my finger and less the fingertip, so I was really conscious of that while practicing today. Having just put it down after probably close to an hour of fiddling with my new toy, I can say my fingertips DO feel a bit tender.  I must finally have done it right!

After doing my usual scale practice (which I am still no good at – still having trouble stretching four fingers across the top four frets.  I’ve been warming them up higher up the neck and working my way up (down?), but I can’t maintain those top frets very long just yet.), I youtubed beginner guitar lessons and practiced my very first chords, which were E, G, and something the instructor called “easy A” which he said had another name, but didn’t say what that name was.  G is a bit of a tough stretch for me, and I’m going to have to work on it.  It feels really awkward right now, particularly the 3rd finger. I can do it, but not without really staring at my hand and taking it slow to adjust and make sure I’m staying on the fingertips.  Still, it’s the first day I learned the chord, and given that, I think it went just fine.  The transition is slow, but I MOSTLY didn’t get a crappy sounding strum once my fingers were positioned, even if it took a bit to position them properly.

I did fall behind the instructor by the end of the lesson because of that slow transition, but for the first 3/4 of the lesson I followed along just fine. Yay!  (If only I did so well with my exercise programs! lol)

So, I won’t say it’s smooth sailing today, but I do feel like I’m starting to get a better feel for things.  I still have a problem with my thumb positioning, and cranking my wrist to reach the uppermost strings.  I think the two things are related, like once I figure out how to correct one, the other one will naturally fall into place, but right now I’m taking the small victory of getting my finger position improved,  and learning my first chord.

It wasn’t perfect, but I think this was a good, productive day on the guitar front.  Now that I have a left-handed guitar, I can start really getting into the lessons and learning some new things…but I won’t stop practicing those scales!


 Left-handed Guitar = Happiness.

Until Next Time, I’m still rockin’! …if badly. 😉

2 thoughts on “New Guitar, and first day I feel like I did something right.

  1. I don’t think you need to remove the bridge to restring your guitar. I think the string goes in from the back of it. The beginning of this video should show what I’m talking about:


    1. I figured it out a while ago. Has been restrung several times by now. Lol. My old Righty was strung from below, not behind. Once the first set of strings came out, it became clear how they went in. 🙂

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