F U D Chord

Today’s practice is not going so great.  I’m taking an intermission to type this, because my fingers need off the strings.

Chords are not going well out of the gate. I can’t seem to keep my fingers off of adjacent strings. My fingers don’t seem strong enough to bend and push the lowest string down simultaneously.  My nails are cut really actually TOO short, but still seem to get in my way. 😦

Riding the learning curve, but tonight, getting nowhere. If I get one string right, it’s at the expense of the one next to it.  I thought G was hard. It is.  D is harder.  At the moment, feeling like I just don’t want to learn any songs that require it. lol – which I know is ludicrous. I know I don’t mean it. But, I’m stumbling today and making very little progress. My fingers hurt, and I’m kind of getting nowhere for the efforts.

Just gotta keep trying, I guess, but my forward momentum has definitely hit a harsh abrupt pause really early on. Not encouraging.

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