Test Driving a few new chords…

One thing that has really frustrated me about Rocksmith is how cumbersome it is to learn new chords.  It keeps dumping them in the ‘learn a song’ section, but not giving me any warning that ‘hey, there’s a chord you haven’t learned’ in this song.  G, in particular.  Rocksmith seems really fond of not mentioning there’s a G chord in songs, so I decided ‘ok. G is next.’

So, tonight I skipped Rocksmith – which I still think is an excellent tool for a beginner if for nothing else than working on technique. I really don’t think this is a suitable way to learn actual songs, but it’s helping just to have something that says ‘you did that wrong’ at me often enough to either make me stop and come back later (slides, thank you very much. Power chords – but the main problem with that is a physical limitation I need to overcome.), or fumble around with it until I finally get it to ring out properly.

Instead of Rocksmith I pulled up justinguitar.com and scrolled through the beginner lessons for more chords.  I’ve already learned A, D, and E – and while I can’t transition clearly I can actually play these chords.  I have a bit of a problem pressing down hard enough in the first fret on the E chord, but other than that and actually switching between them with any amount of speed, I don’t have an issue with them. Still can’t play songs, but time to learn a few more chords.

Rewinding a second, Rocksmith’s Castle Chordead is a) really cute and fun, and b) jumping me right into F5 after very little play, which has proved to be the chord from hell for fingers which are still having trouble with that 3 fret stretch.

Back to Justin Guitar – I’ve gone through A minor, E minor, D minor, C, and G.  G was actually surprisingly among the easiest of the bunch (I don’t feel I need to count E minor. I mean, I already learned E, so that kind of goes without saying).  C was the hardest, and D minor right up there. So apparently my fingers stretch vertically just fine, but horizontally is an issue.  There’s not much I can do about it but keep trying.

On the up side, when I finally manage to do C and D minor decently, maybe F won’t quite make me want to scream quite so loudly? 😀

Until next time. Inflexible, but only in body.

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