Well guys, progress remains slow.  My ability to play chords is still seriously sub-par.  I can play them individually – and actually – that stretch for the C chord has gotten easier. The first time I played it I had to use my 4th finger instead of my third, which is no longer necessary, though I’m still very clumsy with that chord.  Switching between chords quickly enough to play actual songs, or not get shot down in star chords, or eaten by zombies…that’s still a challenge.  Switching strings, too, is still not as fast as I’d like, but I’m getting better at that faster than I’m getting better at switching chords.  I think that makes sense, really, since switching from one string to one string is a lot easier than switching from three strings to three or four other strings.  It’s coming along though. I can definitely see progress happening, just not as quickly as I’d like (is it ever as quickly as we’d like).

I have noticed in the Learn a Song section of Rocksmith 2014 that I am definitely playing favorites, though. More specifically, I’m playing ‘R U Mine?’ by Arctic Monkeys. A lot. Most of my other favorites require me to retune my guitar, which is a nuisance when I’m short on time, so have really only been fiddling with those on the weekends when I have all the time in the world to kill.  But, man, Arctic Monkeys! 🙂

I am nowhere near proficient with this song yet. I think I’m only at about 25% completion, really, but boy do I have fun with it.  I keep hanging myself up though, getting distracted singing along. Oops!

Then again, isn’t that really the point of all this? We learn songs we love way faster than songs we’re kind of lukewarm to, which is what makes so many beginner’s courses such a chore – lots of boring folk songs, nothing FUN.  Of course, I don’t mean that as an exclusive statement. There are TONS of fun songs and resources on the internet, but there’s only so much ‘Tom Dooley’ a girl can stand (the only song I remember from my brief stint at learning guitar when I was 14. lol).

I struggle, and I curse, but overall, I am having fun.  I’m hung up on pretty much all the lessons, from tremolo to bends to harmonics to palm mutes – but I don’t really feel too bad about that. I keep plugging away at them in the guitarcade, but what’s really mucking me up on those isn’t  technique (well, maybe on the tremolo!) lol, but the fact that I’m just not strong enough at the basics of fretting and switching strings to do it quickly enough to keep up with the lessons just yet. I will be. Eventually. Someday.  Looking forward to that day.

In the meantime, at least I have Arctic Monkeys.

Until Next time – rocking out, slowly and clumsily, but rocking out. 🙂