Youtube Channel up!

Well guys, my first lyric video took forever and a day.  Setting up my youtube channel took just as long.  I desperately need to get PS Elements again for the new laptop, as soon as funds are permitting, because doing all this stuff without it was really, really cumbersome.  In the meanwhile though, I’ve found ZenBG (, which has proven perfectly sufficient for the task of generating something slightly prettier than a solid black background.  The first half of making the video involved a lot of fussing and getting annoyed, trying to get the lengths of the clips right and ugh!  It all took much longer to do than I anticipated!

I’m hoping that a passably decent camera is in my future, but with the lighting in my house being a bit sub par, and my budget being almost nonexistent, my expectations are pretty low on that front.  We’ll see how it goes, but actual recordings would be much, much faster.  I’m not sure which is the more sensible way to display the poems for youtube, really, so opinions are always welcome.  This is all brand new and, I admit, makes me nervous.

In any case, there is only one lonely poem on the channel for now. I will be starting with the poems already on the blog (though I might skip a few that I’m really not happy with after the fact…), but will eventually be backtracking to older pieces, and of course moving forward to the new ones, like ‘Actual Air’, which I’ve just posted a minute ago.

Hoping this all goes well and I haven’t just unintentionally caused myself unnecessary drama but, well, I’m on youtube, so I guess it’s time to admit to the world that I exist, right?

Here’s a direct link to the youtube channel, should you feel so inclined as to subscribe to it:

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