4 more Poems on the Channel

It’s been a productive day.  I don’t have any new poems to offer at the moment, as I’ve decided to start the youtube project with the poems currently on the blog and then work my way backward to stuff you haven’t heard yet, but I have completed 4 lyric videos today. They are still time consuming, but are going much more quickly than the first one, as I’ve learned the quirks of Windows Movie Maker, and figured out what the best ways to make that program function smoothly are.  It’s really not a difficult program to use at all, but the first one was definitely a learning curve.

So! In any case! I’ve made fresh recordings of the audio for all of these. I know some of the early poems on the blog, the audio is pretty crap because both my computer and my phone were dying horrible, agonizing deaths at the time. Having slightly better equipment now (at least nothing wheezing out it’s last breath!), I’m making fresh recordings across the board.

Today, I have four re-recordings to offer:

You Have to Speak Out


Down to the Bone

Fires That Have Already Started

As you can see, I’m bouncing around a bit. I’m putting off some of the long ones, as they’ll take rather forever (I’m looking at you, ‘How to be Beautiful’) and starting with the shorter pieces, kind of bouncing around arbitrarily between them depending on my mood.  There are a few I’m not happy with at the moment, so I’m not sure if they’re going to be recorded just yet. Until I feel better about the, I’ll delay (‘This is an Allergen-free Poem’ is the prime example here. I’m really not feeling happy about that piece this week. At all.).

I’m hoping to really blow through the stuff you’ve already seen, and backtrack to my giant box of crap in short order, so the channel, I expect, is going to populate pretty quickly, life and technology permitting.

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