Here’s a new one that sort of fell out, and holy crap, it rhymes! Not normally my way of doing things really, but it flowed really organically for this piece, so I went with it.


I have a confession:

I shy from affection.

I hold secrets like sapphires.

Burn Bridges. Start Fires.

When it comes to function, I dis it.

Connection? I miss it.

My circle is small.

My heart stops sometimes, stalls.

I become toxic.

My best friend? He mocks it.

But, I don’t want to be this way!

I’m half kiln and half clay.

I had no say; my hands are tied.

when it comes to changing, I tried.

All those times I said “I’m fine”, I lied.

What I learned about love is it’s damned from the start:

You tore me down, broke my heart.

When can I stop saying “there’s no one to blame” –

When do I start naming names?

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