Something I noticed today that might be causing a lot of my guitar issues is that I might, potentially, be keeping the palm of my hand too far from the neck of my guitar in a misguided, subconscious effort to try to avoid muting the high E string with my palm.

Realistically, this might well be the reason I’m having trouble with reaching across four frets, why I’m struggling with tension in my arm in certain positions, and a contributing factor in why my shoulder becomes tired.  The tension caused might be part of the reason all of my transitions are so horribly slow (although the bulk of that is that I’m a newbie and these things take time, I know. lol). So, that’s something I’m going to be experimenting with for a bit to see if it holds true.

Of course, this means clumsy chords all over again, at least for a bit, as I acclimate to bringing my hand in closer, but in the long run, I expect it might make life a little easier. It’s certainly making the C chord easier to reach. The others don’t seem to be harder, except in that I’m getting used to them all over again, and in tonight’s experiment it seemed like the movements between strings and chords were smaller.

I’ll just have to play with this hypothesis a bit and see how it ends up in the long run.

Until next time – still learning at a snail’s pace, but learning.