Ah, the return of photoshop (elements 13) has made these infinitely easier -…and also a bigger time waster, when I decide ‘ooo! I know! I’ll draw a tree!’ 😀

Sat on this piece since before the new year, because it just wasn’t right. Knew what I wanted to say, but couldn’t find the right way to iron it all out.  Just recently completed though.


If I have learned anything, it’s this:

joy is an apple, and pain – a tree.
Left alone, things become rotten.

If we live by a ritual of silence,
gravity will bow the branches,
claim the fruit,
and, in time, the leaves.

What grows back is an effigy.

It is universally understood
that when the bough breaks, things fall.

I have been lightning-struck before,
and may have survived the damage,
but everyone can see the scars.

Even if I can see storms rolling in,
hear the resounding knock of thunder,
feel a heavy current in the air,
there’s no way to know whether or not it’s time
to finish what was started.

All I can do is stand here,
battered by the elements,
but refusing to bow.
Because I learned as a sapling that if I do not fight,
I will not stand the test of time,
and if it costs a few branches,
it is not being selfish that I am willing to learn
to live with that loss.

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