Starting from Scratch…

I’ve been hammering away at ‘Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door’ the past several days. Chord changes are still slow, and I’m still having a bit of trouble with C (mostly keeping my fingers off of neighboring strings. I’ll improve on that as I continue to work on it, I’m sure. That’s been the trend with all the other chords.)

I picked it b/c it’s a great tune, it’s in Rocksmith, and it’s made up of chords I already know in an format that’s pretty easy to remember.

I’ve also been practicing it sitting down. I’ve been practicing sitting down as much as possible because of the problem with the strap button not staying tight (replaced it yesterday. Will see if the repair lasts).  And also because I still haven’t quite figured out why I get tired so much faster when standing. (namely, the shoulder the strap is on gets tired)

Today – just now, really – I decided to work on it standing, because when you play, you’ll be standing most of the time, right? It’s like starting from scratch. 😦  Just forming cords, let alone getting them in the right position, is so completely different I feel like it’s day one on this song all over again.  I knew it would make a difference. I didn’t know it would make  THIS MUCH of a difference! You see people switching between sitting and standing all the time.

Further proof that I’m an ultra-newbie, I guess.  Doing an absolutely atrocious job, (I mean, it wasn’t great before, but it was definitely getting better, and was way better than THIS!) all because I switched from sitting to standing.  Really, really disappointing. I expected to need a go or two to acclimate, but I didn’t expect to miss nearly every single chord. 😦

Until Next time – back to the basics of the basics for me, I guess.

2 thoughts on “Starting from Scratch…

  1. That same thing happened to me on bass. I remember the first time I stood up, and nothing worked. I forced myself to practice exclusively standing for a long time, and eventually started doing both. Now, its mostly normal, but I’m still better at fretting when sitting. I also still look at the neck a lot, so its easier for me to find where I’m going when seated. The neck angle changes just enough for me to look down at it more easily.


    1. I practice standing up almost exclusively with the bass. I actually haven’t tried to play it sitting yet. I wonder what will happen when I do!

      What you say about fretting and looking at the neck is I think one favor Rocksmith has done for me really early. I mean, the program absolutely has flaws, but one really great thing about it is you’re forced to look at the screen. You don’t have time to look at the fretboard much if you want to keep up, so you have to learn to treat the fretboard as a rearview mirror: quick glances. That’s really fast-tracked my ability to find the right fret without looking, to not marry my eyes to the fretboard. I won’t pretend I get it right all the time, but this is one serious advantage I think I’ve gained from being forced to look elsewhere and keep pace simultaneously.


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