Well, all set on practice amps now.  This is the Peavey Max 158 Bass Amp, which is a 20 watt amp. It wasn’t the steal that my little mini-me guitar amp was (puh-lease, as if I was going to find another $20 amp? lol), but it retails at about $100 and I got it for $60, so I did okay.

Excuse the feline photobomber.
I am really in no position to discuss the specs much. I’m too much of a novice to really know what to do with all the knobs, but it gets some good volume (I have it turned down as low as it goes).  When I first pulled it out, I accidentally hit the mute button and couldn’t figure out why nothing was happening. Oops!  I’m not quite sure why an amp has a mute button, but I’m sure the reason will eventually become clear.

What I have noticed though, now that I have the amp, is a complete lack of any direction without Rocksmith holding my hand.  With guitar, it’s easy to figure out what to do without Rocksmith. I’m horrible at chords, I need to practice wrist position, forming chords ,etc etc etc.  But, since I’m not doing so atrociously bad on Rocksmith with the bass, I have no goals to work on without it.  So I have my amp, I’m set to noodle, and I have absolutely no idea what to even do.  I guess the googling of online bass lessons is in my future, something with a progression that I can follow.

In any case, I think I’m set on ‘stuff’ for the moment.  Now, I just have to figure out what to do with all of it.

Until Next Time, fumbling blindly…and reorganizing to make room for all this music stuff!