Take that, Legato!

…you won many battles, Legato 101B, but my determination won the war.

Seriously, I literally did a (very badly choreographed) dance of joy.  I went out to the living room, announced it to my roomie, and there was some flailing and arm waiving. I never said I was a good dancer, but I subjected it to him on the grounds ‘you’re the only other person in the house that speaks English. The cats won’t get it.’

I would show you my dance of joy right now, but I can’t dance and handle a camera simultaneously.
I feel SUCH a sense of relief. Yes, I do still eventually have to tackle it on guitar again (and uh, guitar in general again. I’ve been prioritizing the bass way too much – path of least resistance and all), but I was so obsessed with completing this lesson it’s been difficult to focus on anything else.  Now, It’s done with, and I’m ready to move onto a new lesson to hate and whine for a few weeks about wanting to banish from existence.

It looks like mutes are next down the list. I’m just shy of 40% completion on palm mutes, but I keep putting that one off because – bah – picking. I should definitely fumble around with it though. As a lover of punk rock, there’s no way I’m going to be able to avoid palm mutes or picking forever – from what I understand, the vast majority of punk bassists opt for picking, and I suspect this may well be because of the palm muting.  Whether I end up using this method or not, it’s probably in my best interest to learn it. You can’t adapt and/or improve on something you aren’t technically proficient in, after all. Frethand mutes are right after palm mutes on the list, so I guess I’ll be working on mutes next one way or another.  I actually haven’t touched the frethand mute lesson on the guitar end of things, so that’s going to be interesting to tackle.  It’ll be the first bass lesson I’m sinking my teeth into that I haven’t already worked on with the guitar.  It’ll be a good test for how much of my progress on bass has to do with translating things I’ve already learned to an instrument that is physically easier for me to play, and how much is actually just me taking to the bass more readily than I’m taking to the guitar.  It’s all about patterns with me, I know; blame it on the over-active INTP brain. But, patterns are important. Finding patterns are how I locate the most sensible route to move forward on.

Until Next Time, Legato: thwarted! Ready for my next lesson nemesis!

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