How to Be Beautiful – lyric video

Honestly, I thought I should post to prove I still exist.  I have not forgotten you, poetry blog!  Actually, I’ve been pretty diligently working on the poetry thing, just behind the scenes stuff for the moment.  I decided it was more efficient to get all the old stuff recorded, and then go back and get it all up on youtube (and this blog).  It just seemed like it would be a lot faster a process that way.  Last Thursday, I officially finished the recordings. There are a few I want to go back and fix, but in the interest of getting it all out in the world, I can do re-recordings later of ones I’m not happy with (like the hugely long ‘How to Be Beautiful’ linked below, that I’ve already posted here.

I’m re-sharing it now primarily in the interest of saying, ‘hello, poetry world, I still exist!’

I have some new works in process, but they’re in the ‘drafted and stewing’ phase, which means I’ve written some things that need a bit of tidying and trimming before they see the light of blogosphere, and so I’m taking a step back, hedge clippers in hand, and surveying just how much work I have ahead of me before I start chopping them into unrecognizable bits. 🙂

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