Now, that’s more like it! (A post about books, followed by a minor fan freak-out. :) )

Not all Barnes & Nobles are created equal.  Not long ago, I complained about the one in…New Brunswick? It was definitely in the Brunswick area somewhere, but it’s my dad’s neighborhood, not mine, so I’m not sure precisely which town.  I whined about how they looked at me like idiots when I asked for the music section, and then when I got there, they had almost no books on music.

Today, due to needing to put miles on my car to reset the computer after a repair (an issue unrelated to music, but sufficed to say I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to perform black magic to get a car that drives totally perfectly to pass state inspection…what that does have to do with music is that I took a road trip and decided ‘well, maybe I can get a book on bass stuff, with exercises and things.’)  I haven’t delved too deeply into the theory book yet, but I really wanted some bass specific exercises.

No dice in the Monmouth Mall.  The music section was better than the one at the previous B&N, but there was not a single bass-specific book. There were over a dozen on guitar, though, and piano, and at least 5 on ukulele. (Really? Uke, but no bass? And yes, I bought an uke book.)

On the way home, I decided to check out my local B&N (Holmdel), just to see how bad it was. Almost as soon as I walked in there was someone there to ask, and she walked me right over – no dumbfounded looks, no sense of confusion. She stopped to show me the shelf tabs and how the music section was divided up, and added that if I couldn’t find what I was looking for, to ask for it at customer service, that they can normally get them in store within 48 hours. Pretty sweet customer service, really, and certainly awesome by comparison


You probably can’t see that in the picture, but that is three whole shelves dedicated to music things! In a teeny town! How my local has the best music book selection, I don’t know, but I am not complaining.  Okay, still a minority of actual learning books, but two shelves which is better, and in that collection there were two bass books. (Really? What the heck did bassists do to the music industry that they’re so massively underrepresented?)  Still, I had options. I picked up the Bass for Dummies book, because the other (I forget the name of it), while it looked really impressive, was also pretty heavy duty.  I may go back for it later though.  There was a whole huge section on equipment, which is a bit more than I need to know right now, but is probably going to be a really good read full of little details some time later.

The collection grows…

The uke book is about 75% history, but there are some really good write ups of different song patterns, and some crappy, predictable old ‘lesson’ tunes like ‘Oh my darling, Clementine’ and ‘Greensleeves’ in the back. Not exactly songs I’ll be able to get worked up over, but songs, written out, in music notation. And, it’s a small book, so can easily be toted around with me.  I think a portable handbook to go with a portable instrument is appropriate.

The Bass book, well, we’ve discussed that volume in previous posts, so I won’t go into it again here. It looks like it has exercises throughout though, which is what I was looking for.

And in totally unrelated news, I AM GOING TO SEE VAMPS ON FRIDAY!!!

and as I post this, I see that Like a Storm is also going to be at that show, who I also love since seeing them open for Alter Bridge.

Excuse me a moment while I fangasm.  Getting to hear Hyde’s incredible voice live is basically a dream of mine, and I am SO MUCH bigger a fan of the Vamps stuff than the L’Arc~en~Ciel stuff (though I do like both, the harder stuff is more fun). so that I just happened to come across this show today, the day I picked up my car for the umpteenth time, with the green light that it’s PROBABLY going to pass this time…is like the universe’s way of saying ‘you put up with a lot of shit this month, here’s a reward’.  And now, I see LAS is opening?! How did I get this lucky? To randomly decide to check the cost of the tickets, even though I normally will not go into NYC for concerts (since I don’t have concert buddies, and I’m not familiar enough with the city to be entirely comfortable going there alone).

Guys, can you all keep your fingers crossed I don’t get trapped behind someone ten feet tall this time, so I can see? I’m only 5’4.

I hope to be able to talk about the concert after I go, but the tickets say no pictures, (boo. I don’t want to take video or anything, just a few memento snapshots!) so it will likely be a boring wall of text post. We’ll see what happens.

Until Next Time, bouncing with a very un-rocker degree of hyperactive glee.

4 thoughts on “Now, that’s more like it! (A post about books, followed by a minor fan freak-out. :) )

  1. That looks like a fun show. Wifey & I are going to be down in the city on Saturday, to see a friend’s band play. Its a sci-fi themed death metal show.

    Bass Guitar for Dummies will teach you a lot of basic theory pretty well. If you want to get a book with a lot of exercises to really drill it all home, there’s a companion book by Patrick Pfeiffer called Bass Guitar Exercises for Dummies. It starts with a chapter on warm-up exercises and stretches and then has sections on scales, chords, arpeggios, groove skeletons – which is something he expands on a lot later in another book, turning exercises into music, and a bunch of other stuff. I had started working through it a long time ago, before I went through one of my big spells of not practicing for months and months.

    Amazon has better prices than B&N, and a bigger selection. If you order $35 or more, you can get free shipping (unless that’s just a part of our Amazon Prime thing, I can’t remember). You should also check out for lots of bass material. They’re a mom & pop bass-centric website that I buy from. They’re cool people, although the prices aren’t as good as Amazon. I used to email a lot with them.

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    1. I did see that companion book in the first Barnes and noble, but tonight I didn’t come across it. I think I need to learn to read the exercises first, lol. But mentally filed for later.

      And yeah, $35 on most items on Amazon. I’m normally a chronic Amazon shopper, for this, though, I wanted to really flip through things. And, I was mostly looking for something I might need at the mall, since I had to find somewhere to head out on a decent drive, stack on some miles to get the computer to reset. It was either a bass book, or fitnessy stuff from modells. I thought the book would be more expedient (me in a bookstore? Should have known better. Lol)

      Sci-fi metal sounds strangely interesting. Lol.

      I’ve got a relatively exciting concert season this year. Last year was bland, but with VAMPS/LAS, followed by Slash in mid may, and other things, there’s a lot worth getting excited about this year.

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      1. Heh. I end up grabbing stuff from Amazon almost every 2 weeks, and we’re on automatic scheduling with them for pampers, wipes, A&D cream and some other stuff. It got worse when we got Prime. I’ve been trying to not get bass or music theory books, but I still slip up from time-to-time… like last week.

        Anyway, the Exercises book is written out in both tab and notation, so you should be able to read it w/o knowing how to read notation. I think the Dummies book you got is a newer one than mine. I have 2nd edition. I do remember getting the Exercises one and then kicking myself for not getting it when I got the Dummies book – it really works to give you practical exercises for everything in the theory book. I found the post I did about it, if you’re interested:

        I can’t plan my shows too well this year. The same thing happened last year. The baby changed everything. I think in another year or two, I can begin taking her with me though. We missed the Maryland Deathfest last year, and I’m really conflicted, because someone we met who presented at a metal symposium after my wife did is going to Kenya in May and has to sell her tickets. She’s getting rid of 2 of them for the Fri, Sat and Sun shows for 1/2 price. I want to do it, but hate leaving the baby, and she’s just not ready for it yet. Her attention span isn’t long enough for us to remain in one place for any real length of time. And then, there’s the riots. I don’t want to walk her into the aftermath of that. Both of these years had great lineups too. 😦

        I think wifey wants me to skip work sometime in May because she wants to take me to a show for my birthday, and I saw that you posted about a steampunk festival going on at the same time that looks cool. We’re thinking about that too.


      2. Yeah, understood. I don’t have anything really holding me back other than finances and my own schedule, so it’s different.

        The Steampunk faire is a total blast. It’s not metal, but I treat it as a giant indie concert(there are seminars and such, too, but I’m in it for the music. Lol) Lots of really fun, unique acts. Definitely worth it if you can schedule a day. What’s cool about that event is it is a whole weekend, but you can go for just one day without feeling like you’ve missed out on something(if you do, I recommend Saturday, as it’s the most eventful.) Every year I tell myself maybe I can do the full weekend next time, but every year I just go Saturday. It’s convenient for me, since it’s less than 30 minutes from home. I have definitely seen people bring kids to the faire, and there are a few kid-centric events, so when your little one is old enough, you would have no worries about bringing her with you.

        I know it’s tough with a baby, but I would try to get at least one or two fun things in. It would be a shame to miss out on everything. Outdoor music and street festivals are always a good choice for kids, it seems, because it’s easy to come and go when they start to get fussy, and a lot of them in the summer are free admission. Maybe not a lot of free metal fests – lol – but there are jazz fests, which if I recall you’re also a fan of. I think there’s one floating around south Jersey in July. I forget which one I’m planning. I think Asbury Park? I’d have to check the dates/locations on that, but it’s called the blues and brews festival, I believe.

        And yeah, mine appears to be 3rd edition.

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