DIY Ukulele Case: Mission Accomplished!


Slightly wasted an entire day on this project. It’s 2 am where I’m sitting, and I am covered in thread and bits of fabric, BUT! I have made my own little padded case for my new ukulele.  I had ordered one, which will potentially arrive some time before next year.

Then, I got the idea ‘you know, this probably wouldn’t be hard to make, and I think I have everything I need.  I used leftover fabric (the stripes were left over from making my roommate’s curtain, and I think were originally bedsheets, or some such. The liner fabric I used was left over from making my costume for the Steampunk Faire I’ve been posting about one band at a time), the zippers were pirated off of an old handbag that’s destined for the trash, the padding? …I dismantled an old pillow and used some of the stuffing.  It’s not perfect. The seams along the bottom are pretty screwed up, but certainly not at all bad for a first time (especially since I didn’t know how to use the machine at all a  month and a half ago).

It’s not exactly about music, but it’s about music gear, so it totally counts! Now I can dispose of the cardboard box I’ve been storing my uke in while waiting for a case to arrive.

Until Next Time, I’m planning on less sewing, more playing, tomorrow.

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