Argh, now it’s time signatures?!

…am I not to new to all this to already be stumbling across this madness?! 🙂

I seem to have stumbled across the reason I’m struggling over the strumming patter on the Amanda Palmer song I’ve been trying to figure out.

See, since I’ve been having trouble nailing that one down, I decided to look up some ukulele strumming patterns. My hope was that by running through a bunch of them, I would hear something that seemed close.

Well, lo and behold, ‘In My Mind’ is apparently in 3/4 time. Seriously? I picked a weird time signature by happenstance this early in the ukulele game?

Which, from what little I understand so far, basically means where I was counting “one and two and three and four”, I should be counting something closer to “one – one two three” or maybe like… “one and two three” (as if there’s really a difference between those two. Whatever. I don’t know the appropriate terminology).  Which, I guess, then makes the d-dud thing make sense.

It’s funny, because I had better luck with the song that didn’t even have ukulele chords than I’ve been having with the one that not only was written for the uke, but told me the strum pattern, and I still haven’t been able to replicate it.  I think that’s specifically because the first song I attacked had no ukulele chords, really, and it does have a really simple basic beat, and I slowed it down a bit.  It kind of freed me up to just kind of go ‘fuck it’ and do my own thing, as long as it was basically recognizable.  With a song actually written for the instrument I’m playing it on, there’s more precision required to make it sound like itself, and that’s turning out to be complicated, since it’s apparently also my first foray into a shiny, new time signature.

Man, I can really pick ’em!

THAT SAID, in my searching through time signatures, and clicking examples, I discovered this

which I’ve taken a liking to, and think I might possibly put on my ‘To Learn’ list. It fits my requirements for next song: chords I know, plus one that I only kinda-sorta know. It’s C, G, F, and Am. I’m pretty solid on C, G, and F.  Am is an easy chord, but one I haven’t really made use of yet, so it might actually be a really sensible choice to knock to the top of the list. I know what the strum pattern is, so I don’t have to beat my head against the wall trying to figure it out, and I know it’s in 3/4 time because the strumming pattern article on says so. It doesn’t leave much up to the imagination, but that also makes it a fairly good choice for my current level of skill. There’s a Weezer song I’m considering that adds Am and Em to the chords I already know, so this would probably be a good lead in to that.  Something for me to think about.

And, I’m definitely going to check out this album…tomorrow. I have to get my ass up in the morning, even though it’s Saturday (boo! But, my decision, so I really can’t complain – okay, I CAN complain, I just shouldn’t. lol), so no more fiddling around with ukulele tab and youtube tonight.

Until Next Time, the learning curve is bumpy, but that just keeps things interesting.

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