Cigar Box Guitar Gig Bag, take two.

Gig Bag, take Two.
Gig Bag, take Two.
Lined, and padded.
Lined, and padded.
Sleeve style, buttons used instead of zippers.
Sleeve style, buttons used instead of zippers.

The sleeve I made yesterday/this morning I just was not happy with. It was badly cut, and just a poor fit. This sort of bag is just too tough until I get a little better at this sewing thing. 🙂

So, for take two I decided to simplify. I still had enough of the goodwill curtain to try again, if I went with a straight up rectangle design and didn’t try to make a box with the sides. Actually, my favorite gig bag (the one for my bass) uses this design style, which creates a slimmer profile. I have no zippers, so I designed a sleeve  where the guitar would slide in through the top. I knew I needed to come up with something I could use buttons for based on what I had in the house to work with, which meant the most sensible thing to do would be to make a flap on the top.

I also needed some way of keeping the guitar from clanking around in the straight up rectangle design, and the easy answer to that is padding. Foam of some sort would have been better for structure, but I don’t have any, so I used more padding from the dismembered pillow I used to make my ukulele case. (I still have half a pillow worth of stuffing left.)

If it was going to be padded, then it had to be lined to hold the padding in. For that, I used an old shower curtain…which I believe was originally an old pair of sheets. (Talk about recycling. lol. I have more curtain left, so it will get re-purposed again before it gets to retire.)

All in all, this one came out fairly well, though there was a fair amount of hand-sewing toward the end – the carry strap on the side was too thick for the machine and I broke another needle. :/ And one of the lower corners was the same.

This one is functionally sound, though, and my new toy is safe, sound, and ready to roll (as soon as I get some strings…)

Overall Expense:

Curtain from Thrift Store: $2.99

Padding, liner, and buttons: FREE, pillaged from around the house.

Sewing Needles (since I broke two), and a spool of black thread. ??? Probably around $4. I have to go to the store. If you’re smart enough NOT to break your needles, you won’t have that expense. lol, so let’s say $2 for thread.

OVERALL EXPENSE for repurposed DIY case: $5, and I still have enough brown fabric for a ukulele case, handbag, or something of roughly that size, and I’d have enough for another guitar case if I hadn’t screwed up the first time around.  Worked out to be really budget-friendly, but would be considerably more expensive if you bought fabric and proper foam padding from a craft shop, or a zipper. I imagine if I had to buy everything, even if I chose clearance fabrics and found foam at a discount (the powers of ebay), it would likely have cost around $40-50 to make, so, I will no longer be complaining about how much gig bags cost. They’re pretty much just as expensive t make yourself.  With the cigar box guitar though, there really aren’t ready made options. (I know of one, and it costs more than the guitar, so no thank you.)

Building these gig bags myself has been really educational.

Until next time, my goal is to not even look at a sewing machine again for at least the next several weeks. I’m going to be finding scraps of thread in strange places until 2017 after this project. 🙂

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