Spring Cleaning (Continued)

Practice is still mostly giving way to the massive amount of spring cleaning I’m doing (if anyone wants a ton of manga, or a stack of how to draw books, let me know. lol.), thought I did manage to squeeze in some ukulele time this weekend, and am hoping to have more practice time a little later today.

I ended up crashing really early last night instead of practicing, because between the pollen and kicking up all the dust from going through closets and shelves, my sinuses were ravaged. It was barely 11pm when my eyes and nose decided they would show me no further mercy for the day. And yes, that was after taking a 24 hour allergy pill.

HOWEVER, having gone through all of my dressers, donated about 50 lbs of clothing, a couple of table lamps, a computer monitor and keyboard, and attempting to donate a little physical therapy bicycle thing that you put in front of your chair (I threw it out. Apparently, Goodwill does not take exercise equipment. Why? I have no idea. They take everything else.), then making a few other stops (last minute father’s day shopping), assembling the father’s day gift I’ve been refinishing for a month, and a quick, impromptu get-together with my mother, yelling at an online retailer for being a POS, and falling on my ass trying to get to a bookshelf (ow…!), I think my body had just plain had enough. I had a really productive day, so when I finally sat down and pulled out my ukulele, I only got to fiddle with it for about 15 minutes before my face said ‘I will not participate in this madness. I have done enough for today!’  Which is a shame, because I realized that, after a few days away, I was struggling to remember the strum pattern for the Flaming Lips song (thank goodness I wrote it down!).  Hopefully this will all be over soon and I’ll be able to get back to practicing a whole bunch.

But! I found a new home for my amps:

Okay, it's not pretty, but I'm also no longer using them as a foot stool.
Okay, it’s not pretty, but I’m also no longer using them as a foot stool.

I admit it is not pretty, but the fan is easy to move, it’s a nice cool place in the room to put them (it’s far cooler on that side of the room than where I sit to type this blog post, in a corner between two windows), and it is far less likely that I will be tempted to turn the power on and off with my toes. (Yes, I totally admit that I am guilty of this. But, come on! They were under my desk before, literally taking up leg space! It’s the first time since I got them that I’ve been able to stretch out my feet!)  I will have to find a better spot for them for sure, but with a bit more organizing, I might be able to put them on the dresser, or, I might be able to clear a spot under the TV (have to measure and see if the bass amp would even fit). I’ll definitely have to find a better spot before winter, because it’s probably not good to have them sitting right next to the heating vent, but for the moment it’s a nice, temperate spot for them until I find a better one.

And, I managed to get all of the ‘stuff to sell on ebay/craigslist/anywhere that will take it’ into an actual closet. Having selected well over 100 books to get rid of (actually, probably closer to 200, I donated 2 boxes worth two weeks ago, and sold at least a dozen) freed up enough shelf space to get the rest of the manga I’m not sure I’m willing to part with out of the closet and onto a shelf, which means I also managed to empty out this small closet built into the wall:

I still have to go through the stuff on the top shelf.
…which will be a great place to keep guitar cases and lesson books, extra strings, and that sort of thing, now that I have a guitar rack and a few wall hooks on the way. I took down and moved some pictures, so I’ve found enough wall space for a few ukulele hooks (not enough vertical space to put a guitar in these places, but definitely enough for ukuleles and probably the CBG), and I think (hope) just enough floor space for a small guitar rack. I had to shift my tv shelf over a few inches, but it looks like there is JUST enough space for a little 5 guitar rack.

I still have a lot of little corners to work my way through, and after all of this, dusting and vacuuming are both high on the agenda, but I think within the next few weeks I’ll be able to get back to my normal schedule of music and poetry, but now, with actual room to allocate to these things. Have a bit less physical clutter, with any luck, will help clear out some of the mental clutter, too.

Until Next Time, working on my organizational skills…as much as my allergies will permit.

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