Concerts: New Eyes for the Needy Benefit @ Tumulty’s Pub

I’m not going to say TOO much about this show, because, well, if you’ve been reading my blog you already know how I feel about A Halo Called Fred, but I went to a thing with music. I have a music blog. Therefore, I have thoughts, and a pittance of photos (here) to share.

new eyes for the needy benefit poster

It wasn’t really a photo-taking venue – as you’ll see from the support beam in the middle of the room, and just…you know, atmosphere. Some places it’s cool to take photos until the cows come home (which will be a while, as I don’t own any cows, and I doubt Tumulty’s Pub does either), but other venues just don’t really have that vibe.

ANYWAY, I found the place. I had plans to meet friends. Roomie, the homebody, bailed.  Met with a friend for a bit, but for the bulk of the night it was just me and the nachos.

This was a really cool Halo set, actually. A lot of songs that you don’t really hear so much at the geek festivals, and in them some really cool bass lines.  I never noticed how cool the bass line to “Obsequious” is. But, bass is like that sometimes. It’s only when you hear a song live that you go ‘oh, I never noticed that before.’

I also really dug the Kramer guitar. I think I haven’t seen anything but acoustic sets, since I don’t remember seeing that one before. I didn’t know the brand, so you know I totally looked it up later. And, predictably, they don’t make lefties (or anything in my budget, but that’s another matter. And the only vintage lefty that seems to exist: pink. No. Just no.). Still, it looked cool. We all like things that look cool, right? Right. ’nuff said.

I didn’t get to hear very much of the first guy’s set (Keith Beck’s Zigman Bird), since…because…rain. The fact that route 18 is the weirdest highway in the state notwithstanding, I was driving along  when suddenly the rain-pocalypse happened. So, I was slightly later than anticipated, and my cohorts were there so there was a certain necessity to be social, and, because…food. What I heard, I liked, will definitely be investigating more thoroughly later.

For now, Here’s a random Zigman Bird song:

Halo was next. Yay, Halo. ’nuff said.

Then it was Circus Punks…for which youtube provides me nothing immediately obvious to share. Very funk-flavored bass lines here. Lots of skill all around. I thought the PRS guitar sounded awesome, but the fact he griped about having to re-tune after every song makes me think it probably wasn’t as awesome as it sounded.

And, finished off with Trio of Madness

Insert Youtube Video here 🙂 :

Lots of funky stuff going on here, too. And, I found out the bassist of trio is the violinist of Halo. It was like a crossover event…except not really.

Overall a good night, in spite of my ass hurting like hell after sitting on a wooden chair all night (seriously, tailbone, not cool), and a bit of end of the night idiocy.  Somehow between paying for my parking and unlocking my car I lost my ticket to get out of the parking garage.  I had to convince the attendant to let me out of car jail.  I had to show him that I paid on my phone.  He gave me grief about it being the 28th (it was midnight), and my payment saying the 29th.  I shit you not – I had to use the sentence “I promise that I did not pay for my parking in the future.” Dude, my bank is not going to date ANY transaction, ever, on a Sunday. It’s just a fact.  This is a leap of logic I didn’t think I’d ever have to use while begging to be set free.  “I promise, I did not pay for parking in the future.”  When it comes to sentences I didn’t think I’d ever need to say, that one is probably in the top ten. Granted, I was a moron for managing to lose my parking garage ticket in under 30 seconds, but STILL, if I had a time machine, I would go back in time to stop myself from losing my ticket, not forward in time to pay tomorrow for something that happened today.

No concert related plans again until next month, when the Blues & Brews Fest hits Asbury Park.

Now, me and my ukulele are working on Stand by Me, and I want to get back to that. Someday, I will be able to play a rock strum (aka – island strum, if we’re going by what my ukulele lesson calls it) and actually sing at the same time.  For now, I can do one or the other. Doing both is a challenge.

Until Next Time, the rain-pocalypse is over. It’s already dinner time, and I have musical instruments to play with. Where did the weekend go?!

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