Sometimes, when you sleep on it…

Your wake up having realized things you didn’t know you knew. This is going to be a pretty darn short post, but it’s kind of directly related to my last post, as I continue to fumble my way through Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.  I realized the strum pattern is the exact same strum pattern I use for that Flaming Lips song I can play. That said, it’s the same pattern with the emphasis on a different stroke, and a different overall flow, so sounds quite different. It’s a point of interest how just a slight change in emphasis can really alter the sound of the song. For the Flaming lips tune I use G, D and C (on the ukulele. It would be different, by necessity, on guitar). I tend to toss in an F toward the end, but that’s not actually part of the original.  Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door uses G, C, Am, and D (for the guitar, anyway. For the ukulele it would be more like C, G, Am, and F).  Either way, I found that interesting when I realized it after my last post last night, that the tiniest change makes a completely different song.

That said, I do wonder now if there would possibly be value in learning ‘Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door’ for the ukulele. Or, maybe seeing if I know the chords to tackle the flaming lips tune I know for the guitar. The logic is basically this: since the ukulele is the easiest of my instruments, it might be worthwhile, on a song I’m struggling to pull together, to try it on the instrument that requires the least amount of concentration.  The hypothesis is that if I can sing along to a song on ukulele, I should be able to then do the same on guitar, and focus more on the chords and strumming pattern because I’ll have already learned the vocal part and how it marries to the rest of the song.

Mind, that’s all theoretical. I’m having trouble singing alone to the ukulele, too. But, it still might be a worthwhile experiment to test in both directions for a few reasons.

1) Take the song I can sing along to on the ukulele. Learn the guitar chords, see if I can still sing it.

2) Take a song I can’t sing on guitar. Learn the ukulele chords. See if I can sing it.

#2 seems unlikely, but since the ukulele will, by nature of the beast, be higher in pitch, it actually might be easier.  I find ‘Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door’ is one I have to really concentrate on to do the vocal part. It’s just deeper than my voice goes easily, so I do need to concentrate to do it properly, to the point I’ve been wondering if transposing it up a few steps might help me marry it all together faster. The ukulele would likely be a pretty quick way to confirm or debunk that.

Until Next Time, I’ve thought up a few new experiments to try.

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