(Update 1/29/17: THIS POST IS ANCIENT HISTORY. I no longer use Yousician on my PC and have not used it in ages. Any information I have on the program at this point is grossly out of date. The endless supply of technical issues I experienced made me give up on the PC version ages ago, and while I do still occasionally use it on android, which I found to be a more technically stable experience than the PC version, I’m sick to death of talking about it, and going over and over how I troubleshooted specific technical issues into infinity. I will not be replying to comments on this post going forward, because none of my information is current and frankly, as many times as I’ve had to revisit this post due to comments it feels rather a lot like some cross I’ve been forced to bear. So, I’m leaving it as it was in its original form below, but understand this is part of my archive and stop commenting. If you do comment, I will most likely just delete it and move on, because I have nothing more to add on the subject. )


I’ll preface, as I always do, by fully admitting I am crap at guitar. I have no delusions. And, I’m also my own worst critic… x1000.  Just so we’re all on the same page – I’m probably not quite as bad at guitar as I say I am (but…I’m still pretty horrible. lol).

HOWEVER, that said, there are things I know. And, among those things, is how to execute a 1 finger power chord like E5. A monkey could do it. My cat could do it by accident. I’m just saying, if you have never touched a guitar before or even knew what it was, if someone showed you E5 and A5, you would not have any problem playing these two chords. They literally require no skill whatsoever.

So, when Yousician refuses to register any of my E5 chords, wasting the already limited time I have with the program (and re-affirming that I will NEVER pay to subscribe to such a glitchy little POS. Should I decide it is time to subscribe to a like program, I know of at least two others of its ilk.), I admit, I’ve only played about 2 minutes, and already would punch this program in the face if it had one. Late, I expect. Early, I expect that, too. But when you line up half a dozen E5 chords in a row and tell me that I didn’t hit a single one of them, quite frankly, I do not believe you. I see me hitting them. I feel me hitting them. I am neurotically double-checking myself because you tell me I don’t know how to do the guitar equivalent of drawing a lower case l.

I don’t mind being on a lesson for ages if I’m crap at it. O Sole Mio? Oh, I am going to be on that one for a while. That one is on the lead path and way, WAY too fast for me to follow. So every time I bomb that lesson, I think ‘uh, yeah, I deserved that.’  But when I’m bombing a riff that is at least 40% E5 and A5, and I know there is no way I am missing those two chords, it’s enough to make you want to scream.

Now, I’ve talked about yousician before a bit. And conceptually it’s solid. I like that the lead and rhythm paths exist on a graph beside one another and you can easily flip between them.  I even understand the point of having skill tests to unlock different blocks of lessons. But, there are things I don’t like, too.

I don’t like:

-that there is no way to maximize the screen, and that the window is so small on my monitor that I have to guess what half of the print actually says. There should be a way to toggle the program into full screen, or at least expand the size of it – like any other windows program.

-that about 25% of the time, the video lessons don’t actually show me any video, and I have to go to youtube to figure out what that lesson was trying to teach me, since I only got the audio and the video track never started.

-and, that FOR SOME ungodly reason, it doesn’t recognize that I’m playing an E5 no matter how many feats of WTF?!!!?  I perform or how many metaphorical firey hoops I jump through.

-I don’t like that once every few days, especially when I’m working on a skill test that I’m about to pass, the entire thing freezes on me, so I have to shut the program down and open it again, starting from the top.

If it wasn’t recognizing other power chords, two finger power chords, like G5, for example, okay, fine. I suck at power chords. I’m probably doing something wrong. But, it recognizes those. Meanwhile, On E5, it flashes how to play the chord at me after so many “misses” (and btw, it flashes this information by so quickly that no human eye could possibly read it, so the flash of chord is completely useless, it comes and goes at the speed of a blink), and halfway through the song won’t let me finish because I am supposedly doing abysmally bad. I won’t pretend I’m doing an amazing job, but I am definitely doing a job good enough to pass the lesson, or I would be, if the program didn’t have such an annoying glitch.

So, while I do try my hardest not to be negative, not to say negative things, this is a program I would only recommend to free users. The platform is just too unreliable for me to see myself forking over $9.99/month to utilize. There are other programs just like it (which I am considering looking into), that I suspect may be less frustratingly glitchy, if I decide that paying for a program of this sort is different enough from rocksmith to be worth subscribing to.

Until Next Time, getting annoyed with this program. We might be getting a divorce soon if it doesn’t stop being so bitchy and unstable.