A Brief Yousician Rant.

(Update 1/29/17: THIS POST IS ANCIENT HISTORY. I no longer use Yousician on my PC and have not used it in ages. Any information I have on the program at this point is grossly out of date. The endless supply of technical issues I experienced made me give up on the PC version ages ago, and while I do still occasionally use it on android, which I found to be a more technically stable experience than the PC version, I’m sick to death of talking about it, and going over and over how I troubleshooted specific technical issues into infinity. I will not be replying to comments on this post going forward, because none of my information is current and frankly, as many times as I’ve had to revisit this post due to comments it feels rather a lot like some cross I’ve been forced to bear. So, I’m leaving it as it was in its original form below, but understand this is part of my archive and stop commenting. If you do comment, I will most likely just delete it and move on, because I have nothing more to add on the subject. )


I’ll preface, as I always do, by fully admitting I am crap at guitar. I have no delusions. And, I’m also my own worst critic… x1000.  Just so we’re all on the same page – I’m probably not quite as bad at guitar as I say I am (but…I’m still pretty horrible. lol).

HOWEVER, that said, there are things I know. And, among those things, is how to execute a 1 finger power chord like E5. A monkey could do it. My cat could do it by accident. I’m just saying, if you have never touched a guitar before or even knew what it was, if someone showed you E5 and A5, you would not have any problem playing these two chords. They literally require no skill whatsoever.

So, when Yousician refuses to register any of my E5 chords, wasting the already limited time I have with the program (and re-affirming that I will NEVER pay to subscribe to such a glitchy little POS. Should I decide it is time to subscribe to a like program, I know of at least two others of its ilk.), I admit, I’ve only played about 2 minutes, and already would punch this program in the face if it had one. Late, I expect. Early, I expect that, too. But when you line up half a dozen E5 chords in a row and tell me that I didn’t hit a single one of them, quite frankly, I do not believe you. I see me hitting them. I feel me hitting them. I am neurotically double-checking myself because you tell me I don’t know how to do the guitar equivalent of drawing a lower case l.

I don’t mind being on a lesson for ages if I’m crap at it. O Sole Mio? Oh, I am going to be on that one for a while. That one is on the lead path and way, WAY too fast for me to follow. So every time I bomb that lesson, I think ‘uh, yeah, I deserved that.’  But when I’m bombing a riff that is at least 40% E5 and A5, and I know there is no way I am missing those two chords, it’s enough to make you want to scream.

Now, I’ve talked about yousician before a bit. And conceptually it’s solid. I like that the lead and rhythm paths exist on a graph beside one another and you can easily flip between them.  I even understand the point of having skill tests to unlock different blocks of lessons. But, there are things I don’t like, too.

I don’t like:

-that there is no way to maximize the screen, and that the window is so small on my monitor that I have to guess what half of the print actually says. There should be a way to toggle the program into full screen, or at least expand the size of it – like any other windows program.

-that about 25% of the time, the video lessons don’t actually show me any video, and I have to go to youtube to figure out what that lesson was trying to teach me, since I only got the audio and the video track never started.

-and, that FOR SOME ungodly reason, it doesn’t recognize that I’m playing an E5 no matter how many feats of WTF?!!!?  I perform or how many metaphorical firey hoops I jump through.

-I don’t like that once every few days, especially when I’m working on a skill test that I’m about to pass, the entire thing freezes on me, so I have to shut the program down and open it again, starting from the top.

If it wasn’t recognizing other power chords, two finger power chords, like G5, for example, okay, fine. I suck at power chords. I’m probably doing something wrong. But, it recognizes those. Meanwhile, On E5, it flashes how to play the chord at me after so many “misses” (and btw, it flashes this information by so quickly that no human eye could possibly read it, so the flash of chord is completely useless, it comes and goes at the speed of a blink), and halfway through the song won’t let me finish because I am supposedly doing abysmally bad. I won’t pretend I’m doing an amazing job, but I am definitely doing a job good enough to pass the lesson, or I would be, if the program didn’t have such an annoying glitch.

So, while I do try my hardest not to be negative, not to say negative things, this is a program I would only recommend to free users. The platform is just too unreliable for me to see myself forking over $9.99/month to utilize. There are other programs just like it (which I am considering looking into), that I suspect may be less frustratingly glitchy, if I decide that paying for a program of this sort is different enough from rocksmith to be worth subscribing to.

Until Next Time, getting annoyed with this program. We might be getting a divorce soon if it doesn’t stop being so bitchy and unstable.

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  1. Hi!

    This is Andrew from Yousician 🙂

    We have just updated the iOS version of the app so the freezing/skipping issue should be solved.

    You can change the screen resolution here: SETTINGS –> GAME –> Resolutions

    Please read more about sound recognition related problems and setting up your guitar here:

    About the free accounts lesson time: https://yousician.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/202844901

    Hope this helps! Should you have any problems using the app please feel free to contact us via support@yousician.com.



    1. It always surprises me when the things I’m talking about find my blog. In any case, it’s good to know that there is a way to adjust the resolution. I will look at that when I get to the computer. The default window size leaves descriptions barely legible at a laptop resolution.

      I do not use an ios device; I am running the program on a Windows laptop, which, as of earlier this week, is still prone to freezing occasionally. It doesn’t happen constantly, but often enough to be a nuisance.

      None of those issues are relevant to me. It has recognized my Em chord before. Many times. Suddenly, it no longer wants to. It got so frustrating that I double checked that my computer’s sound settings hadn’t changed. I returned my guitar(it was already perfectly in tune), twice. In the end, I gave up on your program for the night having only used about 20% of my lesson time. The sound recognition issue definitely has nothing to do with my guitar, or my ability to play an Em. I ended up switching over to Rocksmith afterward to make sure I wasn’t nuts, and that program(also run through my pc) recognized the chord just fine-every single time.
      I think both programs have advantages and are both worth using when they work properly; I don’t think of them as being in competition with one another because they have different strengths and a different lesson style, but yousician, unfortunately, still has too many quirks for me not to speak honestly about. On good days, it’s a very usable program with a user friendly set-up, and a clearly laid out lesson tree, but the system glitches, a lot. If future updates make the system more stable, then I may revisit the subject. I genuinely had been considering eventually signing up for premium, but not with the sound recognition problems, and not when the lesson videos sometimes don’t display any visual content. Those are deal-breakers for me.


      1. I know I’m late to the party here but Yousician is total crap. No explanation of songs whatsoever. Some songs are flat out WRONG. I just played a really cool yousician commissioned piece and I’m sitting there trying to figure out the tab color system and just decided to learn the damn thing by ear. HOW do you not have chord diagrams? HOW do you not explain what an arpeggio is and that a song will contain Dm shape, D shape, and E shape? Guitar is SOOO easy to play once you know what you’re doing. Rote learning and playing where the dots say is the absolute worst way to play guitar. Yes I’m a teacher.


      2. I think conceptually it has it’s uses, but the execution needs work. Systems like yousician (or rocksmith, etc) are particularly good for people who learn in certain ways(kinesthetic learner, here. I tend to seriously ADD with traditional teaching methods), and I think while it certainly has a host of flaws, the way the lessons build from one to the next works for me and gives the feeling of a general sense of direction that you don’t always have when you’re using the internet to teach yourself. (and yes, I know, proper teacher blah blah – but not everyone has the budget to make that possible)

        That said, I don’t remotely imply that as a learning tool it can stand on its own. When it works-I like it as an addition to the learning arsenal. Unfortunately it doesn’t “hear” accurately or consistently, and sometimes it crashes entirely.

        I think it’s easy to say “guitar is so easy to play once you know what you’re doing” when you already know what you’re doing. People picking up a computer program to help them along don’t know what they’re doing, though, and might also be people who have tried the traditional learning methods and failed with them, so it’s almost a moot point being made here.

        I will bitch about yousician with the best of them – the tech aspect of it is a nightmare. It has serious issues hearing A (I swear what they think is an A on bass is actually an A flat), but the things you mention didn’t give me issues because of the way they build lessons on previous lessons. It arranges things in a tactile and cumulative way that I really like – but the reliability makes it almost worthless. Still – it’s at least useful as a warm up when it’s behaving itself, which, with the minimal lesson time allowed to free users is about all that can be expected anyway.

        So, I guess I both agree and disagree. I agree yousician has major issues. I have different opinions on what they are once the program is put into its proper context.


  2. Hi Shelby, James from Yousician here, Andrew showed me your post and I just wanted to say thanks for the feedback, and thanks for a great blog, you’ve made lots of great insights about the struggles of learning guitar. If you’d like any help with specific areas of playing please don’t hesitate to let me know… 🙂

    I’m so sorry you’ve been having troubles with Yousician! If you’re still interested in checking it out further then one test would be to plug in directly so you bypass the built-in mic in your laptop, e.g. using your Rocksmith cable or any other audio interface. If you’d like to try that, then you can choose the sound settings using Settings -> Game -> Recording device.

    Hope that helps!
    James 🙂


    1. I’ll give that a shot next time I turn it on. I admit I haven’t glanced at the program yet today; last night’s experience left me a little gun-shy.
      It was very frustrating, because in the lesson that teaches you the chord in question, it registered it just fine, but now that I’m fumbling my way through the riffs, suddenly it does not want to recognize that one chord, which is a really annoying hindrance to the learning process – to be trapped on a lesson not because of something I can’t do, but something I’m confident that I can. There’s plenty in that lesson that could very well stop me from passing it, no denying that, but the Em chord I’m confident that I am playing properly.

      I look forward to seeing what becomes of the program in the future, when these glitches are ironed out, but for now, there’s still a sound recognition issue, the lesson videos don’t always load, and it periodically freezes. I would love to blame windows 8 for those issues (I love to blame windows 8 any chance I get, really), but since I’m not having those functionality issues in any program but Yousician, it’s got to be a glitch in the programming, and one that I do hope eventually gets resolved.


      1. Thanks Shelby, I can certainly see why that’s so frustrating! Let me know how you go when plugged in directly – as you can imagine there are lots of different hardware variables that can cause problems with an acoustic setup (e.g. microphones and speakers being sensitive to certain frequencies or volume levels), and plugging in directly should give you a clearer idea of whether there’s a problem with the sound recognition itself or more of a setup issue. Hope we can get it sorted for you asap! 🙂


      2. Sure, but I am confident this is not a sound problem on my end. I use the program with no background noise, in a quiet room. There’s really not much that can be causing interference. I also use the laptop for recordings pretty frequently, so I know my built-in-mic is pretty solid.

        Still, facts are facts: the program does suffer from intermittent problems. Plugging in might very well sidestep the issue, so I’m glad to know it’s an option, but that isn’t a magic bullet that makes those problems not exist. I have an acoustic-electric, so I have the flexibility to plug in if I need to. Not all of your users have that option, so if I am being honest (and I am always being honest), then having a work-around doesn’t make that go away.

        I very much prefer to be positive about things, so know that for me to have gotten frustrated enough to post a rant means that I had a truly horrible experience. It happens. And, somehow, as a result, I got a few tips on how to maybe work around these glitches to make the experience less finicky. Cool. I’ll try them. But, if I had been looking for troubleshooting help, or was at all uncertain about the cause of the problem, I would have contacted your customer service. I know enough about IT to identify that the problem is in the program. I don’t know enough about it to tell you where in the program, but I do hope you eventually figure it out so I can eat my words and blog about how much more stable it’s become and what improvements have been made. Until then, I really don’t require further assistance. I’ll let you know if I do.


  3. Lol…I love how their posts completely ignore the intrinsic shitfest of failings to the app itself. I too wouldn’t use strong language unjustifiably, but this app promised much at first and I was left very disappointed and frustrated. I posted about the glitching/momentary freezing issue on their website a good month ago, as had numerous other people. I picked up yousician today for the first time in about a month and it’s amazingly gotten worse. Right now it’s sitting frozen while trying to download a song on 100mb fiber optic and insisting it’s not connected to the internet. I’m at the point of asking for my money back. Sad, because at first I really liked this app.
    Did you come across any decent alternatives? I’m very much a newbie too but am loving learning guitar and won’t let a horrific excuse for a learning “tool” like this stop me 🙂




    1. I find it really inconsistent. Some days, it works beautifully. Other days, it’s no end of headaches. Then, to basically have it all brushed off as user error is frustrating.
      I do like the way they map lessons, with lead and rhythm side by side, so I do still use my freebie time, though only on days I’m feeling patient. I’m running Windows 8, so intermittent internet issues would be no surprise: that is a known win8 problem, but the sound recognition issues, even when using a cable, are enough to drive one mad.

      If you are in a position to pay for a program, I believe Jamplay and Guitartricks have similar subscription offerings, but have not tried either, as I’m not willing to fork over a credit card for a trial. Call me crazy, but I don’t approve of that business ethic; offer me a trial THEN ask for my card to continue. I won’t work with a company that doesn’t do that.

      However, I use Rocksmith regularly, and while I still feel it won’t make you a guitarist on its own, I also feel it is a fantastic program for a student. It makes you ask questions you never would have thought of on your own. While some things are hard, it’s because they are genuinely hard. I’ve been running the 2014 PC version with an hdmi cable for the tv with very few problems. There is one guitarcade game that sometimes freezes, but overall it’s been worth every penny. I bought it black Friday, and still work with it at least 4 days a week. There is a lot of practical application there. But, it doesn’t teach chords well, so there is still some googling and youtubing required. Not perfect, but so worth it to have something there holding you accountable for your mistakes.


      1. Thanks for the quick reply 🙂
        Yeah, I was torn between rocksmith and yousician from looking into some apps. Both seemed like good learning tools: visual and teaching in an intuitive way. I got the trial for yousician and loved it; didn’t suffer any glitches at the time so I was happy to pay for a month. A couple days afterwards i started getting the freezing/skipping glitch that makes it sometimes impossible to hit a note even when you know you’re in time. Frustration doesn’t come close. And there’s a lot of posts on yousician’s site saying the same thing. Such a shame for an app that showed such promise. And then when they haven’t posted a reply to that thread on their own site with like 12 posts about this issue, and then I see numerous posts from them on your site..yeah. Done. I wasn’t at all impressed by it’s year long only subscription model at half monthly price either. I went for a month to see how it went. It was due to expire tomorrow (with the standard we’re going to screw you over automatic renewal of course) so I wanted to see if they’d improved it. All they seem to have improved was some testing before progression features. They don’t seem to have addressed any of the deeper issues.
        I prefer a system that builds a base through providing a good service, fostering a user-base built on reliability and mutuality. Yousician felt quickly like a quick buck app.
        I have some friends who have been playing for a while that can keep me up to speed on chords so that’ a plus on it’s shortfalls personally, and I love the sound of Rocksmith actively challenging you, forcing you to correct your mistakes and really think about how you’re playing. Yousician felt a bit mundane and prescribed in that regard, even at beginner.
        Thanks again for your post, it was really good and honest feedback 🙂 Keep it up!


      2. No problem. There is something sad about it, that they will jump to someone with a blog following of maybe…20 people? Lol But, aren’t helping paid users. The flaw of rocksmith is that it is on you. You can bounce around, so it’s easy to avoid problem areas. It’s your choice to use it to it’s best end, or just to fool around. But, I think anyone serious about learning is willing to get frustrated with lessons as long as they know it’s their playing, not the game. No program will be perfect, but rocksmith has had only minor issues for me.
        Beware though, if you go the rockmith route, there is a learning curve – you first have to get used to how the game thinks. Once you do, it’s a good tool in the arsenal. I understand the 2014 version is far better about not clutching than the original, but have not played the original to compare myself.

        There’s a time for intuitive play, and a time to buckle down and learn some more ‘boring’, traditional stuff, but getting playing is what matters most. As long as we can find the balance between those two things, I think we’ll be ok. 🙂


      3. That’s a flaw I like 🙂 I liked the structure of yousician at first to be honest, it seemed to be built in a progressive way (but was too easy to jump up) but specifically I liked going over the lessons again and again until I could do them perfectly with my eyes closed…I think that may have lead to the increasingly bad glitching issue: I wanted to get the basic lessons down perfectly, so when I made a mistake I would often restart. That seemed to throw the app into a freefall of glitches. Anyway..
        I want to learn in a holistic way and really know my guitar from root to stem, compose, and not just be able to pick it up and pull off a few well known songs so yeah, if rocksmith gives flexibility and structure with challenge, and less glitches lol, I think I’ll give it a shot.
        Persistence beats resistance! We’ll rock I’m sure 🙂


      4. Yeah, yousician’s structure was a nice contrast to rocksmith’s flexibility. I feel there are some basics that rocksmith skips to get you playing asap, but with yousician’s more hum-drum approach behind you, you should be fine.


  4. Thanks so much for this blog! Like you obeys so happy at first and progressing fast I subscribed to premium and then it won’t pick up Em or C chords and I can’t progress further im left totally deflated as my partner bought me an electronic guitar for my birthday with the subscription to yousician then boom it failed me! Pissed of is an understatement. I will try the rocksmith app. Thanks again ☺

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    1. You can use the rocksmith cable with the yousician app, which helps. Rocksmith is more stable overall, but they have different teaching systems. For electric, rocksmith 2014 is best. The appeal of yousician is you can use it with acoustic…but it doesn’t recognize sound right, so you can’t, really.

      Em happens to be the first chord I magically lost, too. Sometimes closing the program and opening it again resolves it, but not always. If they would fix the sound errors, I’d eat a lot of my words on the program, but they seem to mostly want to pretend the problem doesn’t exist.


    1. I’ve got it on 10 as well at this point. I have to use my Rocksmith cable. The speakers on my computer are fine. My sound settings are right. There is no sound issue on my end, which I know because I use the machine to record audio all the time.

      Even so, the second you take the cable out of the equation it starts picking and choosing which chords it feels like hearing, and don’t even get me started on how deaf the chord trainers are, even with the cable.

      The freezing hasn’t been happening recently, but I do think there’s an irony in the fact I have to use a cable designed by one of their competitors to make the program run smoothly. The freezing has improved with the Windows 10 upgrade. The sound recognition hasn’t. I did try it again without the cable not long ago to confirm. I had hopes that upgrading to 10(I was among the first to receive the free upgrade) would correct a lot of the problems, but my Yousician still needs a hearing aid to function.


      1. Afraid not. The freezing has stopped, so that much I will say may well have been a compatibility issue with Windows 8, since upgrading to 10, it has not frozen on me, but the sound recognition issues remain, and have actually worsened.

        I re-test occassionally in hopes of them resolving with program updates, but no dice so far; the program now only works via either an external microphone or a rocksmith cable. Sound recognition through internal speakers (which are not top of the line, but are good enough that I’ve often used the laptop as my primary recording device and media player, so should be more than sufficient for this program) is so poor now that it is virtually nonexistent. It recognizes about one chord out of every 10, and if I’ve tested and confirmed that it is not my equipment, it has to be something about the program, or the way it is interacting with windows.

        I’m happy for those of you who are not having any issues, but it’s not universal. I know my posts on the program don’t sound like it, but I genuinely do hope the day comes that I can give it a glowing review; that just has not been my experience so far, and I find myself very disenchanted by none of the updates since this post improving the sound issue. Maybe it’s compatibility between Windows and yousician. Maybe it’s a bug in the Windows version of the program. I don’t know that because I didn’t write the program, but if I’ve tested every possible problem on my end and come up clean, then the issue can only be something in the program itself.

        Now, I happen to have an external mic bought for an unrelated project, and a rocksmith cable, so I can effectively force the program to run smoothly, but for someone else running into this problem who doesn’t have this extra equipment lying around, it can end up being a fairly costly workaround, so it’s still, at this point, important to acknowledge it.

        I really do hope that, at some later date, I will be able to eat my words, but it’s a rule of programming that even if the fault is in the OS, it’s the program that has to find a way to compensate. That’s really the primary difference between good programming and bad programming. Maybe the Mac version runs like a dream, I couldn’t say, but the Windows version, so far, has not fully resolved itself, and I am now completely unable to use it without giving it a little outside assistance. That’s where things stand for me at the moment, anyway.


  5. I use my webcam mic on my win 10 pc and never had a single problem. I’m not a paying customer but 0 glitches or issues with recognition.
    The only thing I would like them to improve upon is caching already downloaded songs. Seems like the app keeps re-downloading songs we’ve already played before.


    1. Then you’re incredibly lucky. Even in the rare event that I’m home alone, it’s a nightmare if I rely on my built in mic. The mic is not the issue as it functions very well outside of yousician, and I’ve spoken to others who have experienced similar issues thanks to this post (which apparently will never rest quietly in the archives and I’m doomed to discuss until the end of time). It’s great that you haven’t had issues, but based on my conversations in this regard, you are the exception rather than the rule.


  6. Found your post through a google search. I too am having issues getting Yousician to recognise my chords. Individual notes are fine and playing them string by string in the trainer works but in the exercises they don’t.

    I’ve just bid on some rocksmith cables – hopefully that might increase the likelihood of Yousician recognising my chords.

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    1. It helped for me. At first, everything was fine, but before long, I just started losing chords, where it was recognizing less and less of them. I happen to have rocksmith as well and my guitar is acoustic-electric, so this mostly works out for me, but it’s definitely an annoying workaround, since the appeal of yousician is the ability to work acoustically. Not much a user can do about that, though, other than point out the issue and hope the developers eventually figure out the cause and fix it.
      I do still run into trouble in the trainer (but I haven’t tried playing them string by string, I’ll have to give that a shot). But, once I set it up to use the cable, it’s just about impossible to revert to going without. It’s still not perfect, but the difference is night and day.


  7. I’m one of the “lucky” ones to experience no problems whatsoever. I am learning to play ukulele (strumming lessons) mostly on my Android phone but also on a Win10 laptop using built-in mic. Never had problems with chord recognition. Occasinally I get false positives when it recognises a chord even though I know I didn’t hit it properly – it probably has some tolerance for out-of-tune instruments (like my cheapo uke 😀 ). I don’t think I’m an exception. It’s just that happy users are less motivated to express their opinion and rather spend their time using the app. 😉


    1. You’re using it for ukulele? Is that a new addition? Last I checked it was available for guitar and piano only. I have only used it with guitar, and I haven’t used it at all in months. On the guitar end, I am certainly not alone in it eating chords. Or this post would keep coming back from the dead.

      And, technically, since free users only get approximately 15 minutes a day in app, there’s plenty of time for both using the programs, and giving voice to areas it can stand to improve.


  8. Interesting – I’ve wondered a bit about Yousician after seeing their ads in front of every youtube video on guitar. Judging from your comments here, their customer support is pretty dedicated.


    1. They’re definitely run by the marketing department, and I think there’s a lot of potential there.

      But when you have a chunk of people all experiencing the same glitch, to me, that’s a program that’s basically still a beta version with a good amount of room for improvement.

      I just found out they’ve added ukulele to their repertoire, so I do sort of want to test drive that and see if I end up with the same issue I did on the guitar end. Conceptually, it’s sound. I like the ‘tree’ format of the lessons. In practice, there’s something in the programming that’s slightly off and causes some frustration – or did when I last touched it a few months back.

      For all my ranting, I do see a lot of potential there. I think that’s why the ranting. If the program was hands down crap, there wouldn’t be frustration enough to cause a rant in the first place.

      I re-test it periodically to see if I’m still running into the same glitches, but it’s been a while.


  9. I’ve started the Ukulele course on Yousician and found that headphones are basically a necessity. Without them I have to keep the volume incredibly low or the background music starts interfering with Yousician detecting my chords. I think this is why the Rocksmith cables help some people, and also why some chords work fine in some exercises but get completely missed in some songs… the background music interferes in just a certain way on certain songs to make it not able to distinguish your proper chord…

    Of course, you also point out that you continue to have some issues even with the cable, so that obviously isn’t the full of the problem you’re running into.


    1. Interesting. It never occurred to me that their own music might be the cause of interference. I’ve swapped off from the rocksmith cable to a noise cancelling usb Mic. When properly positioned this also resolves a lot of issues. Made this choice to test the ukulele part of the app, since most of my ukes don’t plug in, making the cable not a feasible solution. It’s worked out for the most part, though hammer ons and pull offs weren’t being recognized well without putting the uke basically on top of the Mic.

      Either way, that’s a theory I hadn’t considered. I knew my sound settings were not at fault, and the idea that ambient noise like a heater or humidifier kicking on could be the cause seemed too ridiculous, so I couldn’t imagine where the sound that was messing up the program’s recognition was coming from.


      1. I realized this a few days ago when I stopped playing during a song and the app still recognized some of the chords as played even though it shouldn’t have. This was on an Android phone where the speaker is on the back side making this problem probably even worse.
        Started using headphones and it solved the problem with an additional benefit – the sound is much better than from a built-in phone speaker.


      2. Ah. Eventually I’ll have to try the app to compare functionality vs the Windows desktop version, but I picked my phone specifically for the front facing speakers, so my experience would likely be non-standard. I suppose I could try it on my tablet, but the volume at max is so low that I’d likely need headphones anyway.

        Food for thought, at least. It would certainly explain a few quirks.


  10. I’ve had zero problems up until now. I switched from the lead to the rhythm track and right off the bat it won’t recognize Am. I suck at guitar, but I can play Am…


    1. Yeah, on the PC version, it tends to eat chords, and if memory serves Am was the first to go, and it got worse from there. I suspect this is because the tuning for the A string is just slightly off in the program, but not sure.

      What I will say though, is that, while on PC this problem grew gradually worse and worse until the program was completely unusable, I have not run into the same issue with the Android app(not on guitar, anyway. Last I tried, their bass tuner is slightly off, which causes some issues). So, if you want to keep trying with it, you’d probably save yourself a lot of frustration by using a tablet or mobile device to run it from.


      1. Hmmm, gave yousician a first try yesterday after hearing from a friend about it so can’t really conclude anything yet (worked fine so far). Playing guitar here btw.

        About the increasing pc version issues, could uninstalling and reinstalling help? I can imagine that buffering over time could lead to issues, shouldn’t but could. A complete uninstall and reinstall would fix that.

        Other issues might be capacity, I understand yousician connects to their servers to get the content. Too many users at once could also cause issues (and the userbase is also growing over time of course).

        Then again, it might just suck for you. I’m now in my 2-week trial mode (just started it but should’ve thought about the fact that I probably wont have too much time the next 2 weeks, heh) and think I’ll just shelve out the 120 bucks for the year, seems like a good way for me to get some directed learning.

        (Had lessons as well btw and am learning through youtube and all as well, but this seems like a nice combination between guidance but still letting you do it at your own time and pace…)


      2. I wish you luck, but several full uninstalls and reinstalls didn’t solve the issue. They favor adding content over fixing bugs. Hopefully if you run into issues, it will be before you shell out cash. I had such a frustrating PC experience (as someone who keeps getting recruited to repair computers, so with some level of tech saavy) that I’ll never touch the PC version again. Android version works fine, though.


  11. Hey, just came across your post and wanted to throw out my experience on this issue.

    I’m lvl 6 on guitar and bass, and have been golding stars since Yousician was GuitarBots.

    I’ve run into similar issues as you regarding chord detection and whatnot and all I can suggest is some tips I’ve picked up working through these issues over time. I primarily play on an electric so some of these may not be relevant/applicable:

    – I always use a Rocksmith cable on songs with fast chord sequences where detection may be difficult.

    – Always strum consistently per strum. I used to run into the issue a lot during alternate picking until I realized my upstrums were softer than my downstrums.

    – Always make sure you are playing the correct strings, and only the correct strings, and using the same pressure on all strings from a picking perspective. This means both up and down strums.

    – On guitars with pickup batteries, make sure you’re using a fresh battery. Drained or almost drained batteries affect your pickups ability to hear.

    – Try using only downstrums (if that comes easier) to see if that helps with detection. This can help isolate a possible strumming issue.

    – Make sure you are using the proper pickup selection for where you are picking on the bridge. This is often overlooked but can make huge differences. Play around with your pickup selector and see if it makes a difference.

    – Also, I’ve found that Yousician likes to switch me over to built in microphone for input at times even if I’m using a Rocksmith cable. That usually affects low notes (like the E5). If you run into detection issues, this should be the first thing you check.

    Hope that helps 🙂


    1. This post is ancient history. It’s nice that you want to help, but honestly, none of what you’ve said reflected my experience(and yes, I’ve tried the rocksmith cable etc etc etc etc. I don’t feel like detailing my experience yet again), and I’ve long since deleted the program from my PC, and am sick to death of talking about it. Bass wasn’t even an option when I wrote this post.

      Without going over my experience in detail for the millionth time, I’ll just say my yousician tactic has long since become ‘on my tablet or not at all’-someone would have to pay me to ever go anywhere near the PC version again.


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