Well, it’s Day 6, and I just noticed something rather obvious:

If I lift the barre off of D7, I’m sitting in a C chord position. I normally form C with my ring finger, so it didn’t quite dawn on me that my middle finger was sitting in the exact right place for it with the D7 chord. Switching back and forth between C and D7 seems like it’s working out to be good practice for placing D7. If I start from a C chord using my middle finger, D7 seems to line up well to sound clearly for the most part. Actually, attacking it that way, tonight I’ve been able to get D7 to sound out properly almost every time, and my hand isn’t as tired from it.

Bm, on the other hand, is now harder by comparison. Amazing, what a difference one day makes. Just yesterday I found Bm the easier of the two. Today, Bm is about the same as yesterday, but D7 has become much easier. I guess what I need is an ukulele chord with the third finger on the fourth fret, G string to practice laying the barre down while leaving my ring finger in place to reach my chord epiphany on that one. (How I would even search for that short of going bleary eyed looking at chord charts, I have no idea.)

My hand does still feel the muscle strain, but I feel like I’m kind of getting used to it and they’re not turning out to be all that horrible, after all. Maybe later, or tomorrow, I’ll flip the page in the ukulele handbook. It’s bound to give me some sort of practical application to practice within the next few pages.

In any case, 6 days into my first barre chords, and I can do one of the two properly for the most part. I think that’s pretty decent progress, really.  Of course, once I get to guitar, with those steel strings, it’s still going to be pretty tough, but that’s okay. I still think working on them on the ukulele first is giving me a nice head start of sorts for tackling them on guitar later.

And, anyway, ukulele is fun.  Everyone should play ukulele. The world would be a less stressed-out place, I think. 🙂

Until next time, still plugging away, one barre at a time.