Some days, you know exactly what you want…

Or, to be precise, my ears know exactly what they want. See, I have a slightly massive music collection.  I think anyone reading this blog probably knows where I’m coming from.  We all have our top ten or twenty artists and albums.  We all have those songs and albums we always forget to recommend and regret not suggesting once the moment has passed (those will all eventually turn up on my monthly mixtapes, I’m sure. The mixtapes will be full of my shazams and my ‘I should have mentioned this song to X!), and when trying to decide what we’re in the mood for, we tend to fall back on the tried and true, because memory is fallible.  You might be thinking ‘I want to listen to….a damn it, what was the name of that band/album?’ or just get this vague sense that you know what you want, but can’t quite grab it, so you ‘settle’ for one of those albums that always excites you no matter what you’re in the mood for, but with the nagging feeling that there’s something in there, something in that little metal box full of wires and chips that would just be SO MUCH BETTER for this specific moment in time.

And then, there are other days, when you put something on and realize the moment you hit play, that this is EXACTLY THE PERFECT THING for you to be listening to right now. That you have miraculously found a moment in time in which you will not be able to repress the urge to drum the steering wheel, to tap your toes at the office…

Today, apparently, Weezer’s ‘Raditude’ album was that perfect thing. Funny thing, it’s an album I can never grab the title of when I’m looking for it, but when that song comes on or that one, I get that overwhelming feeling that, for that specific moment in time, all is good and right in the world.

So, today, I was listening to Raditude, on shuffle, because that is how I roll, and ‘I don’t wanna let you go’ comes on:

…and my brain said, “I should look up the ukulele tabs for this. I need to learn some Weezer. Weezer is awesome. Weezer would probably be very uke-compatible. And, this song rocks.’

Wouldn’t you know it, there is an Em in the ukulele chords for this song, which happens to be the exact chord I’ve been wanting to find a song with to practice, since it’s an awkward one to switch in and out of. Sweeeet! So now I have an uke chord progression with an Em chord to start working through. For now I’m just going to work on switching the chords, not actually “learning” the song, per se. That will come later. As a start I’ll just be taking the chords in the song (G, Em, C, and D) and picking an arbitrary strum pattern – make some nice random music with no real goal in mind other than getting my fingers used to the way the progression rolls and finding the most expedient and efficient path from one chord to the next.

I have lots of stuff to work on – lots of half-learned songs, and I do need to keep working on those barre chords, too, but that’s no reason I can’t noodle with this chord progression to work on the Em chord. Once Em is under control, I plan to “man up” and learn the dreaded E chord.  I don’t think it’s going to be as bad as I fear, really. Once I have Em and Bm down a bit better, E looks like it will be a very logical next step.

I have noticed my noodling is getting more song-like as time goes on.  With the ukulele, it was never exactly the cacophony I often find myself facing off on guitar, but I am finding I’m honing on on strum patterns and chord progressions that I’m very nearly tempted to write down so I can remember them later.  Note to self: remember where I put the notebooks when I reorganized. 🙂

I also want to share something cool that turned up on my feed:

This cool discovery was brought to me by Pacific Winds blog. Which is awesome and I encourage you to check out for other, similarly awesome discoveries.  I will be looking up more of Taimane’s stuff soon, for sure. There is plenty of uke music out there, and it’s always fun, but darn it, this is a class act. It’s ukulele taking itself seriously, or perhaps, just seriously enough to be a part of a band, blending beautifully with the other instruments, while at the same time maintaining a subtle sense of fun that is the uke’s particular little niche in the music world. And, it’s awesome.

Today, my ears are happy. Even if I did have to listen to “One Hit Wonder Wednesday” a bit at work, which featured bands that were absolutely not one hit wonders. I heard Bowling for Soup (off of their 3rd album – they absolutely had music videos before the song was ever written), I heard Patty Smyth.  It was about at that point I felt sorely tempted to introduce the radio station in question to a dictionary. There are certainly other bands that would have been more believable as one hit wonders! How about Cheap Trick? Very few people know more than ‘I want you to want me’. How about Stroke 9? They have some great songs, but almost no one associates them with anything but “Little Black Backpack”.  What about Reel Big Fish? I haven’t met too many people who know anything other than “Sell Out”.  The Stray Cats might fit in this category, too. There were choices, is my point. Better ones, and plenty of them to fill the airwaves with once a week.

But, I digress.

Until Next Time, there is a ukulele that needs to be played, and a guitar, and a cat that is demanding some attention.  No more blogging for tonight if I want to get anything done!

10 thoughts on “Some days, you know exactly what you want…

  1. That Taimane tracks was pretty cool. I used to noodle around with the James Bond theme on bass. I don’t know why it never occurred to me that ukes could be plugged into pedals, but its interesting to see.

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    1. I’m particularly in love with her Toccata, atm. :). She’s very cool. I think ukulekes are burdened by a lot of stereotypes, so when you find someone like this, who breaks the mold, it’s a treasure. They make solid body electric ukes, too. I’ve yet to see a lefty, though.

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      1. I am afraid of reading YouTube comments in case it destroys my faith in humanity. 🙂

        But, yeah, you don’t play like that unless your first word is ‘ukulele’, I figure. Lol. She’s still awesome. The uke is mostly a solo instrument, like the bass mostly is the opposite, so seeing it used in a band setting so seamlessly is really cool.

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      2. I try not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. There are always going to be rude or malicious people on the internet, but there are also people who really want to share an opinion or insight. I just read and see what sticks – and see what leads me to research in more detail elsewhere.

        There’s a great quote from Robert Howard from a Conan story he wrote called “The Tower of the Elephant” that I think of a lot when dealing with rude people:

        Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split, as a general thing.

        Those “civilized” folk are rampant on the internet.


      3. Lol, yeah, but there are some areas of the internet where trolls gather en masse, and YouTube is one of them, so I always take a deep breath and check in with my fragile patience before scrolling down.

        When I used to do self-defense seminars, our sensei always opened by telling the people we were about to teach, “I always get asked, ‘what if I’m in a dark alley at 3 am?’. Don’t go into dark alleys at 3 am! Are you dumb?…’. YouTube comments are the e-quivalent of a dark alley at 3 am. Maybe nothing bad will happen, but you go in knowing you’re in dangerous territory. 🙂

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      4. Sometimes, there’s something worthwhile to be found in those dark alleys in the wee hours. 😉


      5. Lol. You can have the publicity, then. And, I will keep the peace of mind. Besides, if you’re wandering down those dark alleys, I’ll be up to date on all the cool stuff without needing to do any of the leg work, anyway. 🙂

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