Music @ the Dragonfly Cafe, Sommerville – and some thoughts which are completely random.

I went to another Halo Called Fred show tonight.

Pics on the Facebook Page

Since I was literally JUST at a Halo show, it felt a bit weird going to another one so soon. I had this moment where my brain asked me ‘is this a groupie’s life?’ lol. But, after the rain-pocalyspe show, I got a very sweet email from Lump n’Loaf’s Damien giving me a heads up about this show before they even announced it, so I definitely wanted to try to make it if I could.  Then, I had literally the WORST week at work, so it kind of became an imperative detox from life. There is nothing like good music to stop the world for a while.

I wasn’t actually sure until today if I would be able to go, because I was waiting on a Fedex delivery today that could have arrived at pretty much any crazy hour. It showed up around 10 am though, so I was good to go.

Yay for early FedEx deliveries! I introduce you all to my shiny new Godin Exit 22.
Yay for early FedEx deliveries! I introduce you all to my shiny new Godin Exit 22.

My options for the day were a) go to see Halo and laugh my stress away b) continue playing with my toys and being a hermit. Both valid lifestyle choices, but, I decided on the show. I need to turn my brain off for a while, and my ukulele and guitars were still going to be here when I got back. (I played with them all day, anyway.)

I had no idea where Somerville was, but mapquest guided me. Yes, people, I DO still use mapquest. Don’t judge. I drive this crappy old Korean car that has the most retarded lighter in the universe, so I can’t get a GPS to fit in the damn thing. And, Google Maps has no idea where I live. Seriously, it places my address in the middle of an intersection somewhere on the wrong side of the highway. Google Maps, are you even trying?  I do not live off the beaten path, but I tend to give people the address of the nearby Kmart and just tell them the last two turns, since chances are 50/50 on whether or not their GPS will be able to identify where I live.

I thought it might be a bit far, but it actually was a nicer drive than going to New Brunswick – much more direct. Just parkway and up 287. Easy Peasy. Getting to New Brunswick from my house is a bit like doing a Native American Tribal dance and hoping for rain. Actually, since I ended up arriving in New Brunswick in the midst of the rain-pocalypse, maybe that’s exactly what it’s like. 🙂

Anyway, turns out Sommerville is basically like a Red Bank/Keyport hybrid, which means PARKING LOTS. Not garages. Lots. YES! That means there is absolutely zero chance of me losing my parking pass in a book and having to beg the attendant to let me leave. 🙂 (Ah, memories…)  And, when I tried to pay for my parking it told me “transaction cancelled: free parking”. Double yes!

I left way earlier than I needed to this time, but I was anticipating 15 minutes of driving around town trying to figure out where to put my car, and I wanted to allow myself another 15 minutes for getting lost within a block of my final destination. This is also pretty common for those of us living GPS-free. I can always fall back on my phone if necessary, but I try not to suck up that much of my battery and data plan in one shot unless I have to.

Also, since at the last show I didn’t get to really see any of the first set (Keith Beck’s Zigman Bird) due to rain and socializing, I definitely wanted to catch it this time. And, it was really good. 😀  Go ahead, look him up. I can wait. I’ve talked about Halo enough on this blog that there aren’t really any surprises coming your way – no massive shocks from my post a few weeks ago, really.

Halo did play a few songs I’ve actually never heard before, which was pretty cool. Y Chromosome was new to me. And…ah…something about the apocalypse. And, for something kind of silly, when they played King of Bean (which I have definitely heard before) my gut was reminding me that I should have had salad instead of chili. BUT, They had gluten free food that wasn’t salad, and I wanted it, darn it. Nevermind that chili and I never get along very well. lol.  There was just a bit of irony (that I use in the Alanis Morissette fashion, in being not ironic at all, just unfortunate), where they were performing ‘King of Bean’, and my stomach was telling my brain ‘Beans are evil.’ And, my brain was informing my stomach, ‘Don’t use Bean as a scapegoat. It’s his villainous cousin, Tomato (or possibly Onion), that did this to you.’

Once again, there was an absolutely gorgeous guitar by a brand I’ve never heard of. I want to say Harper? In any case, it was nice. (But, all guitars are nice, right? Maybe I just have low standards and think everything with strings is pretty. lol.)

Speaking of guitars, when Trio of Madness came on, I couldn’t help but notice the gibson SG in cherry. The epiphone SG is one of the guitars I ALMOST bought before choosing the Godin (see above), so getting to see and hear the gibson SG was cool. It looked like the neck got pretty large at the higher frets, at least, compared to anything I’ve tried, but overall the guitar was very slim and sounded great. I’m happy with the choice I ended up making, and I think it was the right one, but it was still cool to see one of the models I’d been thinking about in person. I didn’t think the SG was all that much to look at online, but in person it’s much more attractive.

All in all, it was a great show, and some much needed chill time for me.  You’ll forgive me for not talking about the show in any detail, I’m sure, since I literally just did that when I went to the show at Tumulty’s.

I have things about the new guitar, an about my ukulele practice I’d like to say, but I’ll save them for a later post. It’s to late to attempt to segue into educational stuff now.

Until Next Time, I just need more music and longer weekends. That’s not asking so much, is it?

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