More Food for Ears

I’ve been youtubing again. Or, to be specific, I’ve been clicking on random things that youtube recommends to me, and it’s brought me back once again to the shocking acknowledgement that not everyone hears the same.

Because, you see, Youtube suggested this video to me:

And, because I was feeling lazy, I said, ‘ok youtube, sure. I have very little interest here because I know they’re going to sound totally different, but I would vaguely like to hear the $1000 uke, because I can’t imagine what a $1000 uke would sound like.’

The sound difference is night and day. I think the Mahalo (while a good beginner uke, no doubt) sounds like a child’s toy. Kind of lacking in fullness and sonically lacking when compared.

But, then I scroll through the comments (always risky business on Youtube) and see:

“the 1000 one sounds a bit better, but not a big difference.”

me: What?! Are you deaf?

and “call me an idiot, but I hear both the same.”

me: since you asked so nicely…

and “if the sound clip was behind a curtain, you could not tell the difference…”


The list goes on and on.

Now, I don’t know if this is ears, or sound systems, but I can’t believe all these people have equally crappy speakers. I’m listening on generic laptop speakers for chrissake!

Mind you, I can not currently fathom spending $1000 on an ukulele, but I know the difference between my Diamond Head and my Kala, at only $30 difference, is so significant that I haven’t touched the diamond head in ages, and don’t want to. The Kala blows it out of the water. I can’t even fathom what these two instruments would sound like side by side in person.

But, then there’s this prince, who says:

“The Kiwaya had much richer tone, it sounded awesome. Mahalo also did incredibly good considering it’s only $20, but it sounded like a toy compared to that awesome tone of Kiwaya.”

me: thank you thank you!

Someone who proves my ears do not deceive me and I am not, in fact, a crazy person (at least not because of this).

I know, it’s a sort of rambly, pointless post, but I’ve become fascinated with this subject, because I honestly didn’t realize how differently people hear until recently.

Until Next Time, Listening to things, lots of things.

(BTW, guys, this is apparently my 100th post! Which means, clearly, that I spend a LOT of time talking about nothing.)

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