F Chord, I take it back…

So, yesterday, I was JUST saying the F chord really wasn’t all that bad. I had heard it was a horrible chord, but then I learned what Yousician told me was an F chord and went ‘oh, this isn’t really a big deal.’  Today, as I sit here, flipping through Guitar for Dummies for the first time in ages, I see where they introduce the F Chord, and it’s a totally different shape. I know this isn’t unusual, but I’m thinking this has to be the formation everyone says is the tough one – barring the highest two strings in the first fret. So far, it’s not going so hot.

Yesterdays F Chord was a four finger chord where you mute both E chords. It was actually fairly easy all things considered, and I think if you can form a C chord, it would be kind of amazing if F was harder in this formation. It’s very similar.  But this F with the barre…I haven’t quite gotten that one to ring clear yet (mind, I’ve only worked on it for like 5 minutes so far, so, really…). Okay, I got it to ring clear twice, and I felt every muscle in my forearm in the process, so I’m not sure if it was “right” or just “less wrong”. In any case, it’s no surprise. I’m still fumbling over barre chords on the ukulele, too, a bit. They’re not bad, but they’re clumsy, so I think this could be about what I have to expect when learning a new barre chord for now – a sort of getting to know you period, where I have to learn what angle my wrist needs to be on.

Now, I wonder what version of the F chord Yousician taught me last night. Does it have some fancy name? I have no idea, and google isn’t turning up any pictures that look quite like it.

But, I did find this, which tells me it actually gets a lot worse than even Guitar for Dummies wants to tell me just yet:


The third diagram is what Guitar for Dummies is showing me.

The 2nd diagram is the closes to what I learned in Yousician. The difference is that in the Yousician lesson, there is no barre; you just mute both of the E strings (or don’t play them, pick either).

So, apparently I learned the baby version of the F chord last night. I should have known that the “dreaded” chord couldn’t possibly be that easy. Ah well, have to learn to crawl before we can walk.

Until Next Time, Lessons, can you give me a hint when you’re teaching me the ‘kiddie’ version, so I don’t get my ego boosted, just to be shrunk back down to size 24 hours later? Thanks. 🙂

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