Update on the Rubin Ukulele, and a vaguely related rant.

I’ve been making myself play the Rubin instead of my Kala to stretch the strings. I’ve been playing it sort of ‘fast and hard’ with no particular song in mind to get them to stretch as fast as I can. I don’t know if that even makes any difference, but it feels like it would. (ah, ignorance…)  The good news: it’s coming much closer to staying in tune now. It’s still not staying as close to tune as the Kala, but, I can get through entire songs without cringing at the horribleness, so that counts for something.  There’s something about the Kala that still feels more innately playable. I can play the Rubin fine, but -and this is all perception – the strings feel thinner. I have no idea why that is. Supposedly, they’re the exact same strings. The dimensions and action are also the same, so I don’t know what it is about the rubin that just seems…different. To look at them, the necks are virtually identical.  The Rubin actually looks like it has better tuners (at least, they feel better in your hand, but the Kala is absolutely the better instrument). But something about it just isn’t quite the same. Will have to keep playing it and see how things evolve, but it is getting better. The tone still has less body than the Kala, but that’s not likely to ever change. Still, for the price, it’s very decent.

In other ukulele news, I’ve had my mind set on trying a tenor size. I have no problem playing the sopranos, but I do like the fuller tone of a tenor, and really want to try one. I’ve spent the past few weeks idly browsing, trying to see what the nicest things I can afford are, but, I wanted some advice from people who know the different brands better than I do, so I decided to wander over to reddit (ah, reddit, how I love to hate you) and the ukulele forums. I’ve found the guitar forums overall really friendly on reddit, so thought musicians were just friendly people. Apparently, that’s not necessarily true.

First, a guy makes comments, and I reply, admittedly a bit wordy, but thinking out loud in that way I do. And, he randomly gets offended for no reason, so I do the most Shelby thing I possibly can: I make sure my second response is twice as long as my first one, to a) leave zero room for confusion and b) for revenge, obviously. Don’t put words in my mouth and expect me to bend over and take it.

I think I need to stop prefacing by telling people I’m a beginner. I am, but as my guitar buddy tells me “you may have the hands of a beginner, but you don’t have the ears of one”. So I’m constantly having to justify my level of beginner. I can’t play well, but I know what I’m hearing.

In any case, on comes random a-hole to tell me to “lay off the adderall”. The comment had nothing to do with him, so really, what was the point of making a stupid, snarky remark about it?  Do i ramble, yes, yes I do. Do I care if you don’t like that I ramble? No, not even remotely.

So, I thought for a minute about something witty and snarky to say back, and I’ll admit it: I didn’t feel like giving the idiot the time, so went with bitchy. Let them delete my post if they want to. I don’t care. Clearly there are some douchey ukelele players out there. Who knew? It’s not very uke in spirit, that’s for sure. He didn’t even have any ukulele-related comments to make to soften the blinding Aura of Asshole. :/ And, for the record “Lay of the Adderall” as an insult doesn’t even make any sense, since Adderall is designed to reduce the symptoms of ADD. If he wanted to insult me properly, he would have told me to “UP the Adderall” not lay off of it. He didn’t even insult me properly.

Anyway, that’s where things are today. I should have done a lot more than I actually did, but I’ve been kind of blah after yesterday’s festival, and just kind of felt the compelling urge to veg, watch a movie, and not do anything.

As much as I don’t want the weekend to end, it’s pretty much over, so hopefully I’ll be able to get myself back on track tomorrow evening.

Until next time, I’m going to play my instruments for the rest of the night, and ignore the random idiots who want to make every little thing an excuse to belittle someone.

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