So, I guess I’m a glutton for punishment, guys. I still think there’s enough of worth in Yousician to make it at least a small percentage of my practice time, in spite of the mad glitching. HOWEVER, that said, I would very much like that time to be more than 3 minutes.

I literally got one, singular, solitary practice mode run through one, single, solitary song, and then it told me my free lesson time for the day was over. Now, on average, my free lesson time has been about 10-15 minutes. Not much, but still enough for a good warm-up, and to give my brain something to think about when the lessons are working properly without the sound recognition issues I’ve mentioned before.  One practice run of one progression, though? That’s ridiculous!

I actually tried rebooting the program, thinking it had to be a momentary glitch.

I did learn that, as  free user, you can run through things you’ve already done on your off time though: it just doesn’t score you. So, for people who have enough patience with the program, you can use it when your time is up, if only to review the lessons you’ve gone over already. The program won’t give you feedback, but it will run those lessons and let you play along.

…which I suppose is a darn good thing if their shiny new glitch is ‘oh, you blinked, sorry, your lesson time is over.’  If it wasn’t free, I would be writing a nasty letter after all the issues it’s given me – just saying. But, it’s free, so I really can’t complain. (I do anyway, of course, b/c free or not, it should work).

Until Next Time, cursing out Yousician, and practicing in silence.