So, I guess all this ukulele is strengthening my fingers. Who knew?

Okay, after my 3 minutes of yousician, I wanted to spend more time with lessons, so I switched off to the electric guitar and Rocksmith.  I haven’t spent much time in lesson mode recently, because I just haven’t been in the right head space, or haven’t really had enough time to really sit and focus on one lesson long enough to make any progress with it.  It’s been a lot of reasons, really. I find myself working with the ukulele most (and, yes, I do understand the weirdness of that being as this blog is named grrl+guitar and I spend most of my time talking about the ukulele), because it’s fun, it’s relatively easy, and I can noodle with it in front of the tv, or carry it around with me because it’s small and portable.  So, I play with my ukulele a lot, and I haven’t been spending a lot of time during the week with the guitar or bass because I’m on good behavior and exercising after work again, which means that I blink and the night is basically gone. I love all three, but it’s virtually impossible to find time for all three in one night, and I’m resistant to the idea of scheduling my me time any more than is strictly necessary.

Whatever the reasons may be, though, I haven’t looked at the lessons section of rocksmith in a while. When I last did, I was really struggling with the “super-large bend” – yes, they legitimately call it something like this. It kept telling me ‘just a little more!’ and I couldn’t get it.  Today, on my first try it said “just bend it a little LESS”.  It said that to me several times, actually.  Either the strings on my Godin are MASSIVELY easier to bend than those on my Hellcat (I find that unlikely, since I’m pretty sure they’re both strung with extra-light gauge strings, and I actually prefer to stick closer to the medium-light to medium range for the most part, and since the Hellcat has a neck that feels almost closer to an electric guitar than an acoustic, it’s just not reasonable to assume there’s a huge difference in playability between the two), or my fingers are stronger than they were the last time I attacked that lesson.

I don’t feel stronger, but the proof is in the pudding, as they say (note to self: look up the origin of that saying, because it makes no sense, therefore I require additional information.), and my fingers clearly can do something easily now that they couldn’t do the last time I tried it.  I’m also doing much better on the Double Stops Lesson, which I can only assume means my strumming is getting a bit better.  Double Stops isn’t a difficult lesson, really, but I think I kept getting mucked up in earlier attempts because my strumming was clumsy, so it was coming off more like one string rings, then the second string rings’ rather than strumming efficiently enough to get them to ring together. Ergo, Rocksmith kept telling me I was missing things. I also still get mucked up when I’m in a hurry on the 5-7-9 part of the fretboard.  I tend to go to 5 instead of 7, so in the double stops lesson when I’m supposed to be in frets 7 and 9, I might go to fret 5 and 7 when I’m rushing to get there and not paying attention. I’m getting better about that, though, and have cracked 50% on the double stops lesson tonight, which is 11% higher than I was when the night started. I probably could have done more, but time is limited, so I decided to stop on a high note.

I’ve also noticed there’s a spot on my ring finger tip that is peeling. Uhoh. I hope this doesn’t mess with my hard-won calluses!

Overall, I think things are going well on a level I wasn’t really conscious of.  It was only when I revisited a lesson I hadn’t touched in a while that I noticed. ‘Hey, I can do this now. When did that happen?’  Sometimes, it sneaks up on you when you’re busy noodling around with your uke. 🙂

Until Next Time, wondering  what else I don’t know that I’ve learned.

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