Rockin’ the Guitarcade

Well, after last night’s surprising success with the “big bend”, tonight I decided to tackle some other things I hadn’t touched in a while, and it seems that I’m doing better all around, much to my surprise.

I avoided Yousician entirely tonight, after last nights 3 minute lesson. Will see if it pulls that stunt on me again next time. Instead, I rolled right into Rocksmith. (Loving my Godin Exit 22, btw. It pretty much plays like a dream.)

So, here’s what I tackled tonight:


Power Chords (ah, power chords, the bane of my existence): up 21% towards completion of the lesson. I probably could have gotten farther, but my arm and wrist were starting to get tired, so I decided it was better to give them something less straining to do instead.

Harmonics: Up 5%. I didn’t spend a lot of time here, but that 5% cracked the 50% completion mark on that lesson.

And, the Guitarcade:

Temple Of Bends: New high scores almost every play through, and I finally, FINALLY figured out how to collect gems (or am finally physically capable of it – either way.

Star Chords: No records broken here, but I feel like I’m doing better overall anyway. I have one round in there that I had an unfathomably good night, and have not gotten there again since, so I’m not worried about breaking no records before my spaceship gets shot down.  I’m getting less misses, which I suspect means my transitions between chords are improving overall. I may be getting around the same scores, but I feel like I’m struggling less.

Harmonic Heist: Okay, this didn’t go very well at all, but to be fair, the game was glitching a bit on the high E harmonics. I suspect I would have done more respectably if I didn’t have to fudge my way through a few of those.

Learn A Song:

I thought I was in rhythm, but was apparently in lead. Crap! Ah well, I decided to run with it and just grabbed the first song off the list, which was only at about 9% completion. All I wanna Do, by Splashh. I ran through it twice, and am now at around 14-15% completion. It’s not a tough progression at all, really, even with a bandage on my ring finger making my knuckle somewhat less mobile, and a cut on my pinky, too. (I’m seriously not as much of a clutz as that makes me sound: my skin just seems to be made of tissue paper this week.)  But, for some reason or other I haven’t really tackled that one very much. I suspect I’ll remember when I look at the rhythm side. I bet there are power chords. I’ve been avoiding the ones with a bunch of power chords because they’ve been pretty pride bashing, so I wanted to delay them until I was a bit better at power chords. I’m getting there, so it’s time to revisit those songs now, I think.

All in all, it was a pretty good guitar night.  I spent some time with the ukulele, too – mostly noodling while watching the tail end of the movie I popped in for the dinner and exercise part of the evening. Ran through the chords to Stand By Me again -as I’ve been doing ad infinitum. (I feel like when I die they will find them etched onto my bones at this point, and I still can’t sing the darn song while I play.)  I worked with the progression from Weezer’s ‘I don’t wanna let you go’, a bit. It’s got that Em chord in it that I need to practice. The Em to D transition is kind of shaky, but it’s going fairly well for the time I’ve been spending with it, really.  I’m also using it to practice the four finger strum.  It’s a song I think that strum could work really well with on ukulele, so I’m toying with it. This song is a bit like the Flaming Lips tune I first learned, in that the original instrumentation doesn’t translate just so, which leave plenty of wiggle room to get creative.  I’m finding those situations are a bit more fun than just memorizing what someone else has already laid out of me.  It’s easier to focus my attention on it when I get to say ‘well, let’s try this’ or, ‘this might sound good’, rather than just repeating it strum for strum as I hear it.

For no apparent reason, I have intonation on my mind. I guess it’s been popping up in my reading lately, maybe? I’m honestly not sure, but something must have happened to anchor it in my brain.  I think I may do some reading on that subject soon, as I seem to be idly curious to learn more about it.

Until Next Time, enjoying the good nights while they last.

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