Haven’t Picked up the bass much recently…

…which is all the more reason that it’s a relief when I make decent progress early in the practice session.

Sorry, that’s a bit blurry – that screen vanishes fast. Did the best I could.
So, I completed the Harmonics lesson on Bass. I also upped my percentage on the power chords lesson from around 20 something percent to around 80%.

Mutes I started to work on, but stopped early – I could tell I wasn’t in the right mental space to work on those lessons. I’m still struggling a bit with all of the mutes. I can do them in the context of songs, more or less, but stacking them on top of each other…it’s a fairly quick and complicated progression that I’m having trouble with progressing further on for now.

I did a little bit on double stops, but wasn’t making progress there either. You would think, if I can do the power chords lesson, double stops wouldn’t be significantly different, so I’m gonna chock this one up to just plain not having the focus for them.

I spent the rest of my bass time in the ‘Learn a Song’ section with mixed results. I made progress on each of the songs I tackled, but boy, there are definitely some I’m not ready for. I told the roomie, ‘Boy, the Japanese aren’t kidding around!’ after tackling the one by Bon’z.  There are some really quick switches there that my eyes can barely keep up with. That said, I did jump from 25-44%, so I didn’t do too badly for tackling a song I’m definitely not quite ready for.

Roomie said, ‘Are you crazy?! You’re doing okay, but you’re not ready for Japanese!’ and made several references for other unreasonable things I can try next. I don’t recall them all, but I believe ‘build your own computer from scratch’ was on the list.  He’s silly like that. It’s a running joke in our house that the Japanese are just plain better at everything than the rest of us. I wish I could remember the context that created that running joke, but it’s been so many years, I don’t recall. It likely had something to do with video games.

In any case, I finished off the night with a run through of ‘R U Mine’ by the Arctic Monkeys, which I haven’t tackled on bass very much yet. Such a fun song…

It was a decent night for the bass, all said.

In guitar land, I did that little bit of Yousician, and the melody this time was pretty tricky for me, so I ended up pretty much just slowing it down and running it in practice mode until I ran out of time. No real news there for now.

Until Next Time, with very little night left to me, I’ll kill the rest of it on the ukulele. 🙂

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