Shelby’s Monthly Mixtape: August 2015


Okay, guys, here’s August’s Monthly mix:

Last month I decided to start the monthly mix with things that I remember putting on mixtapes a lot as a kid. It made for a fairly consistent sort of sound, because I really didn’t listen to the vast array of stuff I do these days.  When I started this month’s mix, I decided to start it by looking at my Shazam list. From there, I added things I’d stumbled across and kind of liked in reading other people’s blogs. Then I just added things I remembered I wanted to share at some point. So, this month’s mix started with a lot of bands I know next to nothing about, and then expanded to include a lot of old favorites.

The trick, I’m finding, with these monthly mixes is consolidating them down to a playlist of around 10-15 songs. Everything I don’t include on one gets dumped onto the next, and just shuffled onto a later list, so I don’t feel like cutting things is really all that bad a thing, since those other songs will make eventual appearances anyway, but it’s nostalgic – this idea of restricting myself to a certain amount of space and trying to make that coherent, trying to put it all together in a way that makes sonic sense, where one song flows well into the next one. I actually like the process of arranging them, but it’s not always easy. Do you pick an upbeat song because two or three in a row have been kind of a downer? But, then it can clash, sometimes, so it’s better to create a slow process where the mood dips slowly and rises slowly. And, there’s always one or two things in there that are completely random. Where do they belong? Where should we start? Where do we finish.  It’s a really interesting exercise that I have to rely on my head and my ears to work in sync to accomplish. The first song sets the mood. The last song brings you back to earth. The stuff in the middle is the journey. It’s kind of a fun process that I waste more time on than I ought to…and then youtube ads fuck up my groove. lol. Ah well, such is life.

Here’s the breakdown of this month’s mix:

New Soul by Yael Naim

Should Have Known Better by Sufjan Stevens

How Did This Happen by Amber Rubarth

Prayer in C by Lily Wood & the Prick and Robin Schulz

Everybody Talks by Neon Trees

Who Needs You by the Orwells

Scare Away the Dark by Passenger

Caroline by Jon Foreman

My Mistakes Were Made for you by The Last of the Shadow Puppets

A Little Time by the Beautiful South

Red Light by Johnny Lang

Wild World by Cat Stevens

Maintain the Madness by the Jane Austen Argument

Taimane’s Tocatta by Bach by Taimane

Darkness by Gary Stadler & Singh Kaur

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