So, I’ve been working through ‘Lean on Me’ on ukulele, and I’ve noticed with this song, which I’ve written out tab for, there is a really interesting shift for me.

In previous practices, other than that one Flaming Lips song, I’ve found it’s very hard for me to sing and play at the same time, but with ‘Lean on Me’, I actually have the exact opposite problem. I seem incapable of not screwing up playing it when I’m NOT singing along.

I’m not sure precisely why I decided to try this. I think I noticed that I have no clue what sort of strum pattern I’m using on the chords. It’s not important as long as it sounds good, but I’m the curious sort and wanted to know. So, I stopped singing and tried to just play so I could listen to what I was actually doing, and found that when I took away the singing part, I had literally no idea how to replicate the strum.

I suppose this is sort of the first world problem of playing music since ideally both things should go together, but to have been struggling so much to play and sing simultaneously, so now, having this one song that I don’t seem to be able to separate those two things on is really an unusual change. I may settle in to write out some of the other songs I’ve been working on in the same way and see what happens.

Until Next Time, the human brain is an enigma.