Lean on Me Cover

Okay guys, it’s here. My very first ever cover song, and the 2nd song I managed to play the whole way through (though, I still bungle the bridge and just improv the outro because I always forget what I planned on by the time I get there.)

And yes, it is way too uptempo compared to the original.  For the moment, if I’m trying to play without consulting my cheat sheet, it seems that the more time I give myself to think about what comes next, the more likely I’m going to blank on what comes next. I’m sure I’ll slow it down to a more reasonable clip as I continue practicing.

I am proud of my new found mediocrity. It only gets better from ‘finally played a song all the way through’, right.

Full disclosure, though:

It totally took me most of the night to get a clean copy in which I didn’t drop an F-bomb due to a huge blunder 3/4 of the way through, or a deafening silence as I completely forgot what verse I was on…

So, yeah, it’s not all roses just yet. But still, progress is progress, right?

Until Next Time, I will continue working on this one, but I think it’s time to decide which song I should pick next to start writing out the tab for, and see if the me singing and playing simultaneously thing is a fluke or not.

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