Turn it On (The Flaming Lips) Cover

I figured since I did the 2nd song I learned, for posterity’s sake (and so that I can go back and to reference someday and go ‘wow, I was really bad!’ lol), I figured I might as well throw up a recording of the first, too.

It’s very simple and not particularly exciting, but it’s probably just about the easiest song ever written to play. The rhythm is simple, there are three chords (the F I threw in in the outro isn’t part of the original, but when it comes to the outro of this song my general opinion is ‘just do whatever’.  Literally, that is what I wrote when I bothered to write it out in tab (for practice writing tab. There is no reason you should need tab to play this. At all.). My paper literally says “Outro: Just do whatever :)”. )

In any case, it’s certainly no amazing feat of musical proficiency, but this IS a blog-music diary and so it’s worthwhile to post anyway.  I’m sure someone who knows what they’re doing could probably come up with something to make this sound really cool on the uke; I’m not there yet.

On a side note, is it just me, or does the Kala Soprano actually get more volume and projection than the Lanikai Tenor? Maybe the difference in tone is throwing me.

Now, for my last bit of evening, I have been dying to dig into the bass again. I won’t be able to spend very much time with it, but something…

Until Next Time, Progress is happening, in a weird, Shelby sort of way.  I’ll pick the next song to start writing out in tab this weekend, probably.

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