Faces: Red Haired Guy, anime style

face 1

I have a sort of obsession with drawing faces. It started off as a tool I used when designing new characters, where I try to translate what’s in my head sort of roughly to paper to see if it works, so I always have tons and tons of design sketches sitting around. Other times, I find I doodle faces out of boredom. Some people draw flowers or hearts. I draw faces. It’s just sort of become my default.

This one actually did start off as a character design sketch. There is a character in my head that more or less looks like this, if I ever get around to managing attention span enough to finish planning and start actually writing that darn book. At the moment, I’m kind of into the whole art/poetry/ukulele thing, so I haven’t been able to maintain focus on larger projects for a while, and they’ve been kind of on the back burner recently. That’s the problem with having a lot of interests; if you also have a full time job, it’s really impossible to give them all the attention they deserve all the time, so you end up pushing one against the back wall to make time and space for another. I will get back to this project eventually, but in the meanwhile, there’s no reason not to polish up some of these sketches while the drawing bug has my attention.

This was a pencil sketch on scrap paper at the outset. Normally, I prefer to do the ink lines by hand because it’s faster and more efficient, but there was stuff on the back side of this sketch, so the scan picked up a lot of background crap. As a result I was sort of forced to do things the more tedious way on this one, and paint the lines digitally.  I really want to get a good tablet pc for drawing one of these days, as I just think it will be a more efficient way of working digitally, but for the moment, I’m still working with my trusty little 4×5 wacom graphire, and probably will be for quite some time.

I’m still getting used to redbubble and how color translates. I think this one taught me that I really have to keep my colors pretty flat if I want my art to look good against anything but white. No fun with airbrushing and transparencies. It doesn’t really work well on the colored tees, it seems.

Redbubble link: http://www.redbubble.com/people/shelbystronger/works/16114970-red-hair-anime-guy

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