Some interesting groupons.

This is going to be a really brief post before I run out the door for work. I woke up this morning, and a friend of mine had messaged me a link to a groupon for a beginner’s ukulele course for $19. Definitely worth checking out, I figured, though I expected it would likely have some repeated information for me.  I was just discussing with vishalishous of Ugly Bass Face that I’m not a huge fan of going over information I’ve already figured out over and over again. Actually, he pointed it out to me, but he’s not wrong. 🙂

Well, I thought I’d check out what else is going on on groupon and found what appear to be some even better deals.

In ukulele land, there’s a $15 for 1 year groupon from Center Stage Academy, which I’ve decided to take advantage of for the price.

Groupon Center Stage Academy.  Referral code, if you want to take advantage of it:

And there’s a $10 groupon for Rockstar Academy. There’s one for ukulele, Another for guitar… they do offer bass, too I believe. Given the ‘retail price’ and comparing that against the price on the website, I might have access to all of these things, though I may also only have access to the guitar. Not sure and can’t check right now. In any case, for $10, I figured it was worth the gamble.

Groupon Rockstar Academy: Referral code, if you want to take advantage of it:

Now, as a warning: I have not tried either of these yet, and I do not know if they’re any good, though the center stage academy preview lessons look pretty good with split screen to really see what’s going on. Is this better than just using youtube? Not necessarily, but there is a worth in having a lesson plan to follow from A to Z to give things a little focus, so I’ve decided to try them out, and we’ll see.

Until Next Time, lots of online lessons to peruse.

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