Putting things in Perspective

I think I mentioned in my last post that after that horrible groupon I wasted $10 on, I actually, for the first time in a long time, turned on Yousician. I figured, comparatively, in spite of it’s somewhat significant flaws, it was still going to shine by comparison.

I’ve been neglecting my guitar lately though, in favor of my ukuleles and my bass, so once I’d determined to sit down with it, I was determined to actually sit down with it.  I knew from experience that when I neglect the guitar for a while, things go pretty badly, so I kept my expectations low.

Sure enough, opening Yousician started with a sound recognition error. I closed the program, opened it again, and it seemed to be corrected. Rather than go to the last lesson I unlocked, I looked up and noticed there was something above there that was listed as 0% completion and thought ‘how did I??’  So I decided to move over to that. It ended up being basically a finger exercise thing, but no big deal; finger exercises are good for you. Actually, I’ve taken to doing them during the commercial intermissions on Yousician as of last night. (Why did that never dawn on me before? It’s quick, easy, and a practical use of ‘sit and wait’ time.)

From there I decided to work backward instead of forward. There were several lessons sitting at 70 or 80%, and I wondered why. Well, here’s a curious thing – there are parts of these lessons that don’t unlock until you unlock something further down the way, so Yousician is structured to force you to revisit old blocks of lessons.

Yesterday and Today, that’s exactly what I did. I selected some random old blocks. I went over the newly unlocked material and back over some of the simple songs, and it did give me some perspective.

These are VERY simple songs. There’s not much to them at all. Having said that, I know a few of them were actually pretty tough for me when I last looked at them. I wasn’t getting the switches down, or I was screwing up the string skipping. I’m happy to say I now look at those and wonder why they were hard, for the most part.

I do notice I seem to be better at skipping strings on the top three strings than the bottom three. I have no idea why that is.

Even so, as rudimentary as these lessons were, it was worth mentioning as a mile marker. These lessons were hard for me. I now look at them and feel silly for that, because they’re really incredibly basic.  It means even when I don’t feel like it, I am moving forward, and that’s a good confidence boost.

Until Next Time, things are apparently moving forward whether I notice or not.

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