Because, in case you guys haven’t noticed yet from my poetry vids, I totally have permant grumpy face. It’s not something I can change or do anything about, and because of it people seem to think I’m really mean. I determined I would eventually make myself a shirt, so I could wear it places and people would NOT think I’m mean.  So, here’s the design. The eyes were originally sketched in pen and ink, but had to be gone over digitally due to a discoloration in the paper that just refused to behave itself.

I think I need to buy myself one in every color...
I think I need to buy myself one in every color…

There are two redbubble links this time, because I had to do one with light print for dark t-shirts.  I learned that I can select which color tees are available in which designs, too. Handy, that. 🙂

This is Just My (RBF/BRF) Face:

This is Just my (RBF/BRF) Face – for dark colors: