I do have something new coming soon, but haven’t had a chance to record it yet.  I’ve been going through the whole list of poems from head to foot, so to speak. My computer now has a folder called “duds” where I am dumping the total crap until further notice, so I can better organize what I have and haven’t shared, and decide what to do with the rest. I would eventually like to release a poetry album, but as things stand I really don’t have the equipment necessary to make that happen at the moment. Still, that doesn’t mean I can’t get things organized in a way that will make it a lower maintenance project when that time comes.

For now, here’s another old one. This was written somewhere around 2005 as part of an AIDS Awareness event, if memory serves.

(so  totally dressed down here. lol. And, I don’t care. You’ve only had me looking put together so far because I’ve been recording things right after work, in the very tiny time window between when I get home and the roomie does. My ‘off the clock’ time is totally t-shirts and yoga pants.)


The worst part of it is that someone as strong as you

was taken out by a cold.

Matchstick fingers drummed out Nirvana

but I couldn’t hear it over

the beating of your heart.

I remember you bigger than this:

sultry-lipped and sinful

saying who had it going on

and who had a long way to go,

laughter like a wind chime,

tilting our chins up to catch the acid rain

because life is too short to waste time being

afraid of the little things,

the shadow of a touch between your fingers

and the moon telling me this is as far as we go.

Now you’ve left me with nothing but starched sheets,

dried flowers,

old bones that will someday crumble to dust,

and a red ribbon, indignant and faded,

wondering where you’ve gone

and why it’s been left behind.

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