As A Woman

I told you something new was in process. Here’s a nice angry feminist poem for you. 🙂

As A Woman

It’s possible that, as a woman, I’ve failed

but, as a person? The jury is still out.

And, I’m sorry if you don’t want to accept that things keep growing until they die,

but I didn’t write the rules,

and I don’t have to live by them.

I am like a snake shedding skin—

Naming the scales that fall away

Princess, Sweetheart, and Honey.

You can whistle while I strip

away the layers of shame I was born to carry.

For once, you would be applauding for the right reasons.

The things that, as a woman, I can’t – shouldn’t – shouldn’t want to- do-think-feel

have been stacked so high,

And I have wasted so much time beating against the wall of them

that my knuckles are bloody,

my lungs aflame,

my vision blurry,

and all I have to show for the labors of my ancestors,

and my screams of silent protest,

is the right to work until I die

at jobs I didn’t want,

for less than I deserve

…while wearing pants.

And, I am sorry if that’s hard to hear,

because I want to want the things you want me to want:

I just don’t.

And, I’m sorry if that’s inconvenient,


I’m not actually sorry at all.

Because I was not told as a child that I could be anything I wanted.

I was told that I could be anything I wanted, with a healthy dose of subtext,

Within Reason.

I was taught to be sensible.

To keep my head down.

Apparently, Indiana Jones is not a job that little girls can do.

After all, when would I wash my hair?

What if I broke a nail?

And, if you are waiting for me to find my place,

I have found it.

And if you are waiting for me to ask your approval,

Then maybe, next time you decide who I ought to be,

I’ll get to cast a vote.

I’ll get to write the rules,

And you’ll realize – much to the shock and awe of spectators-

That my tits, in fact, do NOT get in the way.

And, I’m sorry that I’m angry.

And, I’m sorry that I’m not angry enough.

And , I’m sorry that I didn’t ask permission.

And, I’m sorry that someone,

Somewhere in the world,

Thinks that, as a woman, I should have.

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