A teeny little interview with Jonny Lang

The reason I follow musicians on facebook gets reaffirmed sometimes. Mostly, I started doing it so I would always know when a new album was coming out, or when my favorites are going to be playing in my area.  I won’t pretend I read every single thing posted by every single band. My time would disappear pretty fast!

But, now and again, you end up checking something out that ends up being such a small thing that is somehow also immensely worth it. I think this one is actually a really good little video to share on a blog about learning to make music.


If you watch the video (it’s only like 3 minutes long), about halfway through he talks about how he remembers first learning, trying to work everything out, and that first time that it turned off and just started to flow. I think I’m a long way off from that moment just yet, but it’s always cool to hear a musician talk about where the music started for them.

Besides which, Jonny is awesome. If not for a 16 yr old Jonny Lang on television when I was babysitting into the wee hours after the kid was off to bed, just trying desperately to stay awake, I likely would not have discovered the blues until much later in life, if I discovered it at all.  It was a time in my life where my music world was basically Metallica, Green Day, Stone Temple Pilots, and Alice in Chains, and here’s this kid my age singing the blues. My memory for detail isn’t worth a damn, honestly, but I remember the moment I discovered the blues pretty clearly.  And, I remember buying the ‘Lie to Me’ album on total impluse when I chanced to walk past it at Blockbuster Video! Does Blockbuster even exist anymore? Do video stores even exist? There hasn’t been one in my town in a good many years.

Until Next Time, feeling a little nostalgic. 😉

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