Shortest post ever: Coursera Introduction to Guitar – with acutal sound advice for lefties!

Sort of. Okay, he only spends about 30 seconds on the subject, but the instructor for Coursera’s ‘Introduction to Guitar Course’ does not say ‘just play righty’. He doesn’t even briefly suggest it.

What he does say is that when buying a guitar they make left-handed guitars, which ‘if you are a left handed, that is something you might want to consider’.  He goes further by saying that the cutaway of a left handed electric guitar is going to be cut differently, so for a left handed electric player ‘you really do need a left handed guitar’, but that if you are an acoustic player, it is usually possible to have a right handed guitar set up as a lefty and re-strung. Which, is actually something I’ve talked about at a bit of length in the past, between my experimenting with that on the crap guitars and my left-handed ukulele post.  After all, all of my acoustic ukes are re-strung righties, as a matter of necessity. (The ones with electronics are lefties, though.).

I was just staring at the internet now going ‘THANK YOU!’ because this guy actually gave realistic advice for lefty players. It was less than a minute of advice, but it was enough that it would set a lefty player off in the right (scratch that- the CORRECT) direction. 🙂

And, no, I have not yet worked my way through the other coursera classes I was going through the videos on. I’m still utterly disenchanted with the Songwriting course, and I am not very far into the other. Both courses are technically over, but I’m not really taking any of the quizzes, just watching the lessons, so whatever.

Until Next Time, got a full plate, but I’ve decided I like this guy for being real with lefties, at least.

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