When Halloween gets out of hand…you draw parrots. 🙂

The one fun thing we do all year at the office is the cubicle/office decorating contest. It is in full swing in the cubes this year.

We have a Haunted House, a Creepy Carnival (complete with push button fortune teller!), a dungeon, a cube themed after Poe’s ‘The Raven’.

My masterpiece this year is a pirate ship. So, the above art looks incomplete, but as soon as it dries enough, I will be cutting it out and giving it a cardboard backing. That parrot will be perched on top of my computer. The tail will peek out from behind…maybe.

Drawn on Bristol pad. Inked in brush pen, colored with watercolor pencils. I wish I’d put a bit less red, a bit more yellow in the wings, but overall, am satisfied.

I MIGHT make him a pirate hat. We’ll see.