Still Halloweening.

Well, I haven’t stopped arting up my cubicle yet.  My final (probably) sign was made this afternoon.

Last week, I spray painted the cardboard with a moss green base and some navy and black around the edges. Today, I cut it out, used a deco color pen for the lettering.

Then I grabbed a white colored pencil to sketch the mermaid, skulls, and rocks. Inked with the same pen.

That left me with an issue, because that pen was tacky and would smudge if I erased over it, so I dug through the art supplies wondering wth I could cover white pencil with.  My answer was soft pastels, which I never use.


And, below is my updated parrot. That’s what he looks like perched on my monitor. The monitor border was made with shelf paper wrapped around some Bristol paper, and finished with newspaper twine. 


It would be awesome to win the contest and break even on my decorations, but I’m not holding my breath. Keep your fingers crossed for me, though!

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