Posting anything on youtube is always nerve-wracking. I’m not sure why. No one ever sees me on youtube anyway, other than that one random troll on my angry feminist poem. 🙂

BUT, moving forward is important, so in the interest of moving forward, here is my version of ‘In My Mind’ by Amanda Palmer as it stands at the moment.

I am using the Lanikai Monkey Pod Tenor, which still has some issues on the C string (it probably always will) but at least has settled enough that it doesn’t buzz that often.  I rarely use the tenor. It was kind of a whim today.  I think the one I pull off the wall most is the Snail uke, actually.

ANYWAY, ‘In My Mind’, Shelby-style.  Yes, my eyes are closed pretty much the entire time. I must be a little ADD. Watching myself move on the cell phone screen as I tried to play was hellishly distracting, so playing with my eyes closed was way easier.