In My Mind – Amanda Palmer (Cover)

Posting anything on youtube is always nerve-wracking. I’m not sure why. No one ever sees me on youtube anyway, other than that one random troll on my angry feminist poem. 🙂

BUT, moving forward is important, so in the interest of moving forward, here is my version of ‘In My Mind’ by Amanda Palmer as it stands at the moment.

I am using the Lanikai Monkey Pod Tenor, which still has some issues on the C string (it probably always will) but at least has settled enough that it doesn’t buzz that often.  I rarely use the tenor. It was kind of a whim today.  I think the one I pull off the wall most is the Snail uke, actually.

ANYWAY, ‘In My Mind’, Shelby-style.  Yes, my eyes are closed pretty much the entire time. I must be a little ADD. Watching myself move on the cell phone screen as I tried to play was hellishly distracting, so playing with my eyes closed was way easier.

20 thoughts on “In My Mind – Amanda Palmer (Cover)

  1. Hey – you did it. 😉 You’re able to sing and play at the same time. Something like a year ago, you started learning and I’d call this video a milestone. Congrats!


    1. Yeah, this one actually wasn’t hard to sing and play at the same time because it’s a very simple strum pattern. It’s the strum patterns with more than 4 strums in a bar that really hung me up. That I’m finally managing too though. It did take me a year to get there, though, so it counts as a milestone. It still take an ungodly amount of practice to get the hands and lyrics working together well, but that’s just what’s required to make it work.

      The main hangup with this song (the one I originally got an uke to learn. yay!, so milestone no matter how you look at it.) was that when you look at the lyrics and the chord changes, the chords change at sort of weird places, so it took me a long time to get the flow down. Once I did, it was like ‘oh, it’s easy, duh’, but everything is easy in retrospect.

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      1. I’d guess it has something to do with Amanda Palmer’s speech patterns or how she processes them in her head. I think that the way we speak/sing and the meter we find comfortable in a given situation might be supported in different ways by different instruments. But I’m not a psychologist. I do notice the way people sing songs though, and do covers, and when they put their own slant on things, it seems to me to be in line with how they speak or how their personalities are. I guess we all have our rhythms.


      2. It’s also got a lot to do with the fact that she doesn’t feel inclined to rhyme. A lot of musicians are really chained to making lines rhyme to ease the meter. She has no such inclination and takes a free form approach that sometimes rhymes and sometimes doesn’t. To ease those transitions, sometimes you get a chord change in the middle of a word, or on a word like “in”, which is not wrong, but harder to remember.

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      3. Someday, I’m going to tackle singing while playing as well. My problem is that I mostly listen to death and grind, and we use our voices like instruments. I’ve been able to do those kinds of vocals for 2 decades, but I’ve never attempted to sing – either clean vocals or anything guttural or shrieking – and play at the same time.

        Women are supposed to be better multi-taskers than men, so you might take better to it than I would, but I think in the long run, practice gets us to where we want to be.


      4. It actually took me longer than average to start singing and playing simultaneously, due mostly I think to my desire to really focus on getting the technique right. It’s hard to let go and keep going through a mistake, and that’s been a hang-up. But, there is something about brain chemistry that supposedly makes women better multitaskers; I’ve read that, too.

        Although, bass is especially hard to sing to. I definitely could not to that at this stage and probably won’t be able to manage it for quite some time. It’s because bass is a rhythm instrument and vocals are more about melody. It’s actually pretty difficult to sort of partition the brain to handle both at the same time. People who can sing and play bass are pretty awesome. It’s actually harder than singing and playing uke or guitar because bass is so pivotal to just keeping the beat. You can’t really be slightly off. So there is totally no shame in taking a long while to learn that skill.


      5. I still don’t know how to push past mistakes. I end up stopping and replaying what I did wrong, which I know is the wrong thing to do when you’re actually playing through something, but I haven’t made myself sit down and work on correcting.

        I don’t know if its brain chemistry that makes women better multi-taskers. What I read was more evolutionary – basically that women were able to track multiple objects better and divide their trains of thought better because of having to watch over children. I don’t think its a socialized or chemical thing. I think its actually a developmental difference between men and women. That’s probably also handy in martial arts.

        Someday, after I’ve gotten proficient enough to play through songs, I’m going to tackle singing, but I totally know what you mean about rhythm vs. melody and being off the beat or off-time. If I’m going to do them, I want to be able to do them decently.


      6. I don’t remember the details as I read it ages ago, but whatever words you want to use to describe it to precision, women’s brains are different than mens is the bare bones of it. Even someone like me, who was an only child, and has never had kids, or any inclination towards them is still a natural multitasker, so I would hesitate to use the word developmental because it implies that we’re naturally wired for raising children/have innate maternal instincts, which therefore means we develop to multitask, and science is finding that that logic is flawed. Not all women are naturally wired for child-rearing, and yet, even women who lack that so-called maternal instinct are still generally good at multitasking. I’ve honestly decided that when it comes to neurology science still has a long way to go before it’s going to stop changing it’s mind every 5 years, so I don’t worry about the minutiae of it. It’s an observable fact that women multitask better than man. As far as why – I can’t say I really care that much.


      7. The prevailing thought when I read about it years ago had to do with safety over offspring, which makes sense to me from a survivalist/continuance of the line mentality. I don’t know if its the actual underlying reason, but it would be interesting to know. I think it could be a factor though.

        I actually do find this stuff interesting, but I like learning about what makes people tick, whether its psychology or something else.

        Even if it might have originally been tied to watching over children, there are probably a million modern uses for it – especially when it comes to business and analysis.

        I don’t mind science adapting its theories as we advance. That’s its nature, and, to me, it represents progress.

        You’re right about women not all being wired for child-rearing, but I think its still a valid theory if you consider it from the point of humans as animals.


      8. Maybe, but if you tie multi-tasking to child-rearing, and then say ‘but there are exceptions who aren’t wired for child rearing’, then by default those exceptions also shouldn’t be wired for multitasking, but they are, so I just think there’s a gaping hole in the middle of the theory which, until it’s explained in a way that also explains that, I’m just not able to accept.

        I’m actually really into personality typing lately, which is probably something you would find fascinating if you haven’t already looked into it (since you like seeing how people tick). It really helps with the ‘oh, that person annoys me, but it’s this reason, because this type has a completely different way of processing information’. I now find myself trying to guess people’s types. It’s a sort of game I play, but one that I can see has an actual practical use – if you know how someone thinks, you’re better equipped to deal with them.

        My MBTI type, for example, is ISTP. Having spoken to other ISTPs online is hilarious, because I have so many ‘get out of my brain and stop stealing my thoughts’ moments. There’s a weird sense of camaraderie to talking to someone who processes information in exactly the same way you do. But, to the same token, the whole system is based on the understanding that not everyone processes information the same way, which inadvertently makes you more accepting of people who generally would just get on your nerves.

        Somewhat off topic, but since you mention liking to see how people tick, it probably would be a subject you would find fascinating.


  2. Also – you should consider adding an archive or some other navigational stuff to your blog. People will be better able to jump around to things that interest them that way. There should be widgets in your theme for calendars, archives, categories, word clouds and other stuff – don’t let your experiences get buried!


    1. I suppose, but really, it’s not as if, at this point, anyone would be looking for those things. I only have about 20 followers, and most of them are much further along in their musical journey than I am, so that sort of material is just really not something they’re going to go looking for.

      …and it sounds like it would be really time consuming to a) add all that stuff and b) go through old posts to figure out what ought to go where. I thought I had the calendar widget on, actually. The only reason I can think if that it wouldn’t be on is if something in the theme went stupid when I turned it on. I’ll have to look at that when I’m feeling less lazy.


      1. You’re undervaluing yourself. You actually have 40 followers, and I’m sure people who aren’t followers on WordPress might/will still read your blog.

        Adding that stuff in isn’t hard. Just pick a widget and drag it into a panel. It’ll use your tags and categories to do the rest. There will be other beginners who come to your blog for inspiration and guidance. They might not comment, but they’ll read.


      2. That many? When did that happen? I don’t even know how to check how many I have except when I get the notice that someone new is following me. Whatever the case, my detailed stats tell a story of very low readership, which doesn’t bother me, since that’s really not why I started the blog, but is still a reality which means that there’s a limit to how much time I should take away from actually playing my instruments to pretty things up (that’s why I don’t generally add too many pics to the blog, too – time management.).

        Ah, the things you mentioned are all widgets, then. I didn’t know what a few of them actually were, so just figured ‘I’ll look it up later.’. I’ll look at it at some point. Not right now though.


      3. Experimenting with them is easy. If you end up not liking it, just remove the widget. I played around a lot with them because I have 3 active blogs, 4 others that I stopped updating and 2 that I share with my wife. I’ve been trying to write more in the metal one and the one that I started for entertainment stuff (tabletop RPGs, anime, comics, tv, movies and that sort of thing). They’re all sporadic compared to the bass one – and even this one has been neglected a lot.

        A quick way to see how many people follow a given blog is to go to your Reader and click the blog title – not just an individual post. It’ll show you at the top.

        For your own stuff, you can click on Insights in the Stats thing and it shows followers on the bottom-right as well as when they joined.

        And, don’t worry about the documented numbers too much. People who read from the Reader don’t get added to your hits. I do a lot of my reading from that, and I know others do as well because on some posts I’ll end up with more Likes than Views.


      4. Yeah, I fiddled with them at one point, but I guess a lot of them vanished when I changed the theme ages ago. I guess I didn’t notice, or maybe I took some away because on this theme they looked dumb. I don’t remember.

        The entertainment blog sounds up my alley, too. I may have to go looking for that one. My reading is probably just as sporadic as your writing. lol. If it wasn’t for FB, I’d be just as behind on your blog as everyone else’s.

        Ah, I figured out where to check. And, it looks like I have 32 followers, so we were both wrong. Interesting about the reader. I find I generally have to click on things from the reader anyway, since you only get the first maybe paragraph there, so I would imagine that counts. Nothing I post is ever short enough that the reader won’t chop it off. And, it’s not really a worry, just an observation. I’m generally talking to people either way more experienced than me, or who don’t actually have any intention of learning an instrument but know me through other avenues, and while, yeah, it’s possible for other beginners to come across my blog for insight, that’s hypothetical. What I’m actually seeing happen with the blog is that I have almost no beginners turning up, but rather primarily teachers and/or advanced students. That could change tomorrow, but as of today, it’s just a fact. I don’t think it’s being pessimistic or understated to acknowledge reality as it is.


      5. I just checked myself on the Reader and on the Insights panel. They’re giving me different numbers. The Insights one is lower. I’ll have to remember to look into why sometime.

        And yeah, the Widgets can vanish when you switch themes because themes support different Widgets and other stuff (banner size, column or panel widths, etc.).

        The other blogs don’t get much love. I think the entertainment one has seen the most updates that it ever has only this past week or two. Its called Breaking the 4th Wall (

        The metal one is Mortal Equality ( I really need to sit down and write in them.

        I haven’t gotten to read much, book-wise in years. Its mostly been light stuff like graphic novels. I’ve been looking at RPG materials because I like looking at systems and also seeing the creative avenues that different people think in. Joan reads a lot more than I do at this point.

        If you’re interested in stuff from BT4W, let me know. I can friend you on FB and add you to a group I started last month. I’ve been trying to be on FB more often, just to keep up with interesting topics and keep my head from dwelling on depressive stuff for too long. So far, its been working, but I’m known for dropping out of FB for long periods. Last time, I didn’t log in for almost 2 years. I did a lot of writing in that time though. 😉

        And yeah, if you actively open a blog from the Reader, not just read a short piece IN the Reader, it gets added to that day’s Views and Visitors.

        You’re probably right about your readership’s makeup, but making the blog more accessible isn’t a bad thing and could help others in the future.


      6. Odd. I just double checked and I have the same numbers both places, so I guess it’s some weirdness on your end.

        And, you’re talking to an anime geek who used to admin at D&D based play-by-post RPGs. I am sure there is bound to be something of interest on BT4w. I run in geek circles, though I’m less hardcore about geekdom than my friends, but that’s still more or less a part of my world.

        I spend a lot of time on facebook because I hate my job. It ends up being my outlet to bitch about my boss a fair amount of the time, to be honest. But I also end up posting a fair amount of pictures of trees and cats. lol. FB is weird, but it keeps me in the loop with my friends, who I would fall out of touch with if I had to rely on the phone.

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      7. The numbers thing has always been like that for me. But its consistent – what the desktop reports is the same as my phone.

        Heh. I had no idea that you were a gamer. I used to run some online a little, in the 90s on BBSes. I actually ran my own BBS called The Dark Spire, back in the day, but that’s a different lifetime.

        I started gaming in high school, and mostly ran stuff. I veer towards horror and dark fantasy. I also got into anime in the early 90s. I haven’t kept up as much with recent stuff, but some of our friends organize anime conventions in NY and CT. As a link to our other conversation – they’re all women, so maybe there’s something to this multi-tasking and organizational capability.

        I’m on and off of FB sporadically during the day, and in recent history, most of my posts are about my daughter. I also have a backlog of close to 2 years of pictures that I’ve been meaning to upload but haven’t gotten around to.

        I’ll add you so you can see the FB group. I’ll also send you an invite to Metro-Anime, which I think Mandisa and Angela, two of our anime friends who run conventions, started. You’ll probably get more out of it than I do because I’ve been so out of the loop.

        You know… I resisted FB for years and finally joined only because people were moving so far. Its become my main way of keeping on top of current events. Funny how these things work.


      8. I actually only joined FB because a friend who travels overseas a lot ONLY posts her photos there so if you weren’t her FB friend you would never ever see them. Then I started using it for coupons and to track bands and see when they would be in my area. And some old friends I hadn’t talked to in years found me. I have a sort of love-hate relationship with it now. I love the low maintenance way of keeping in touch, but the platform itself is such a money-grabbing sales pitch that it can get on my nerves.

        I don’t know that I’m specifically ‘in the loop’ but I do still watch anime. Lately, I stick mostly to stuff that’s dubbed. It’s always better with subtitles, but I just can’t devote the time to just sitting and reading and doing nothing else.

        I think it was the early 2000s when I was on the BBS boards. I was heavily involved with Astelbania, and actually made some very good friends there who I still keep in touch with and visit when we can. I was also at work on two others….Gothic Realms and…I forget the name of the other one run by the same people. It swallowed up a lot of my time when I was in college, but that’s a lifetime away now. I’m not strictly a gamer, but mostly based on time constraints. I was around 10 years ago, and I still enjoy games when I can fit them in, but it’s seldom these days.


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